4 Features While Choosing PDF Reader for Your Business Tasks

Professional document formatting is very important. Unprofessional and inconsistent formatting can make you look bad in front of your colleagues and clients.

PDF files provide fixed and ubiquitous file formatting, that’s why PDF is considered the ultimate file format in the business world.

PDF readers provide many amazing features that can make your document look better and more professional. However, that is not the only benefit of PDF readers. Modern PDF readers have taken the security of your official document to another level by introducing many advanced and premium security features.

A few popular security features include password protection and limited access. There are a large number of PDF readers out there. Some even let you offer conversions and other such features.

Soda PDF converter, for example, offers more than just the basic features. Since there are a large number of PDF tools out there, it is very important to do proper research before investing your money on a specific tool.

To help you in this regard, we have made a list of features to consider when selecting a PDF reader for your business:

#1 File conversion to other file formats

PDF files are the first choice of many people due to their storage efficiency and versatility. They are very lightweight, hence easy to share. It takes just a few seconds to upload or download PDF files, which allows users to complete tasks quickly and easily.

PDF readers can convert the PDF files into other file format and vice versa without affecting the text alignment or content of the file.

Some PDF readers like SodaPDF also offers the functionality of file compression.

#2 File Access management

With the help of this feature, you will be able to control who can view or use your files.

PDF readers provide various access level like the right to edit, modify, copy, convert, view, and create the new file.

This features ensures the confidentiality of data and prevents your document from being misused.

Being an administrator, you may want to prevent your employees from reaching or editing files. In such cases, you can grant them access to read-only mode of the document.

#3 File sharing options

Some high-quality PDF readers provide the facility of cloud storage. Cloud sharing makes document sharing very easy and convenient.

Users can upload files in the cloud and download ‘em whenever they need. This removes the need to carry a device such as a USB.

#4 Advanced customized options

PDF readers may offer advanced customization options to mold a document according to your requirements. They allow you to change text, color, etc.

Additionally, users can also include or exclude images in the document, leave comments, and make changes.

Before choosing a PDF reader for your business, make sure to check all these features first. This will ensure you get your hands on the right software so you can enjoy all the benefits without any difficulty.


By Paula

Editor in chief | PR Media Specialist | Social Media Marketer