Hello, Welcome back readers, Today we are here with a youtube mp3 converter app that can be useful for your favorite song download.

Video streaming has changed the way we get entertained through media. YouTube is the most famous online streaming platform owned by the tech giant Google. YouTube has won the top spot over the years due to its creative policies and the amazing streaming service the platform offers.

However, there is a problem that YouTube users have to face, and the problem is the absence of downloading features. You are restricted not to download any video from the YouTube platform. Luckily, you can solve this problem by using a YouTube downloader. Keep reading to find out the best YouTube to MP3 converter you can.

1.     Why use a downloader?

Recently, YouTube has enabled the feature of offline viewing on the mobile version of YouTube app. This feature is limited to smartphone users and cannot be used by those viewers who stream YouTube on desktop.

Using a downloader is the only way a user can easily download YouTube videos and use them on any platform. The good thing about YouTube downloaders is easy to use, even for those users who don’t know much about computers.


2.     Choosing the right downloader

The problem is, how can you choose the best YouTube downloader for your needs? We will list some of the features here that you should look for in a YouTube downloader:

  • It should be free to download.
  • You should be able to use it on any device.
  • The downloader should not require a sign-up.
  • You should be able to download videos in all available resolutions.
  • There should be no daily restrictions on how many videos you can download.
  • The downloader should not come with any hidden agreements.
  • Using the downloader should be easy for you.
  • You should be able to set up the downloader without coding anything.

These features differentiate a good YouTube downloader from a bad one.


3.     Download songs and podcasts

You can use this youtube to mp3 downloader to download any of the videos in MP3 format. The reason for converting the videos to mp3 is that you can save your space if you download songs in audio format. Downloading songs will let you enjoy songs even if you don’t have an internet connection available.

Another good thing about converting the videos to MP3 is that you can keep listening to some podcast or lecture even if you don’t have an active internet connection. Downloading MP3 can also help you share the audio file easily with your friends and family.


4.     Download fun videos

The online youtube to mp4 app allows you to download any of the videos you want to watch offline. But why should you use a downloader to store videos on offline storage? Some videos that you like on YouTube might get down due to breaking any YouTube policies. The uploader themselves can remove the video from the platform.

Downloading will help you overcome such technical issues. You will be able to watch videos anytime you want without having to worry if you have an internet connection or if it’s still available online.

By Dhruval Patel

Blogger | Entrepreneur | Social Media Strategist | | Travel Freak