Four ways to find a water leak in your home

Water leaks can cause massive problems in the house, which is why it is important to spot and fix them on time. There are many dangers of water leaks which people are unaware of. With little attention, you can protect your house from massive damage in the long run. Water leaks must be checked every month to make sure the house is safe from all sorts of prospective damages. If you want to spot a water leak in the house there are a few steps you can take.

Furthermore, if you want to call professional help, you can do that for sure. Early detection of a problem can save a lot of money you would have to spend either way in the long run. Some of the simple ways to spot a water leak in the house are:

  1. Determine the location of the leak

You should know about the whereabouts of the water leak. Water pipes are installed inside and outside the house. To spot a leak, you must identify its exact location. The main water pipe is usually located in the basement of the house and sometimes the garage. If you are skeptical about the water leak from the main pipe you must visit the garage and the basement. Even if there is no leak in the house, you must know the location of all the important water pipes.

  1. Check your water meter

Do you know how to monitor and read the meter reading? If not, you must learn to do it. This is the best thing which can alert you about a possible water leak in the house. If your normal water bill is higher for this month as compared to the previous, this means there’s a leakage in your house.  A water meter also gives a fair reading of how much water has been consumed by the average household. Interestingly the modern water meters have a new feature which reads the water leakage capacity too.

  1. Call a plumber

This is perhaps the easiest way to locate a leak. Veteran professionals know how to do their job and can easily tell from the look of the house about a possible leakage. However, don’t hire a plumber who lives too far from your locality. Always hire someone who is nearby and can quickly fix the issue. For example, if you type plumber Hamilton on google, it will list down all the plumbing services which are available in that locality. Always call a clumber on time if you are skeptical about anything.

  1. Conduct a toilet test

Water leakage is a rampant process in the toilets. We often waste a lot of water while we are brushing our teeth, cleaning the tiles or doing anything else in there. A simple test is to add food coloring to the tank and wait for at least 15 minutes and allow the toilet to bowl itself. If you notice food coloring there, it means there is a leakage which allows water to pass through the tank without flushing. Mark the water level with the pencil to calculate the amount of water leak which happens.


Don’t overlook water leaks at all. People who overlook these minor issues suffer in the long run and have to pay a lot of money for the damage that is done. Checked at the right time, water leaks can be fixed easily.

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By Sara Wales

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