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Tinder is one of the best Dating apps to make lots of social trending app where lots of dating for the online people.So many people want to date people across the world as we are known so many online apps are available especially facebook.

Facebook is the social trending where billion of people are hanging around with the people whom they love and care.we have so many people want to meet the new people to wander so much time online.

We have so many apps in online where we can hang out with the person whom we know very well but sometimes people want to make the new friends from the new social app.So we have the best dating app for the people who want to make a new friend and long relationship.There is new tinder app to create and download for android to install easily.

What is Tinder:

How to use Tinder app without Facebook:

Tinder Without Facebook: Follow these Steps To Install:

Tinder is the dating app where we can find so many people will find to date.So many people want to use this tinder app without facebook we know that we have so many friends family and much more in our old facebook where we have lots of friends in our facebook account.Some people want to hide this tinder id to use as a personal.We don’t want to make our facebook friend in this tinder app.So that y we do not want to use tinder without facebook.

Step by step guide to Follow to install the tinder apk:

They are the two steps you need to follow while installing the new tinder app.

  • So, first of all, we need to create the new facebook account to use or creat the new facebook account just by using sign up.
  • Add up Some of the details of your Like Schools college and all about your info and make sure that u put the contact details in privacy.
  • Add some of the profile pics of your in the facebook app so that the tinder can sync the account of yours and manage the account.Automatically Tinder app manage the profile image it will make as Profile pics.
  • After the successful creation of facebook account now u need to hang ur horse tinder visit the site to configure the details.
  • Now visit the tinder app the Setting press the left corner option
  • Click on App setting to log out the device, Confirm the Account and Logout the app.
  • Now u log out the Account of tinder app.
  • Now you can use this tinder app for android free,u have entered the limited details of your account now u can hook up the guy from the new tinder account.

After the successful completion facebook creation now u need to hook up the new account the details very carefully some people might want to use old facebook account just note that u have limited friends so that u can use.So lemme tell the another step how u can use the tinder app and all other privacy setting.


  • Login the facebook account which u have the new one or old one which u want to make the tinder app make the privacy.
  • After login, the facebook account navigates the left corner option and press the lock option.
  • After pressing the lock option it will display the many apps below.
  • Just scroll down below where and select the tinder app from the list or else u can seek the tinder app in the search box which was located on the top side.
  • Enter the app details Which u want to seek and click on that tinder app just click on that app u will see the privacy option where u need to keep the option “”ONLY ME””.
  • Tinder app can not publish the post behalf of Yours.
  • Now you friends don’t know that your using the Tinder app.

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