How to Fake Sick : Do you to Wanna know how to fake sick to Stay Home from School/College or Office ? When you are not in mood of attending your office or college /school  you look out for reasons to provide as an excuse. And sometimes to come out of office or college /school in the middle of the day also leads you in search of ways and reasons to skip the spot. So, many of you end up faking a sick, but some of you have failed doing with perfection.

Here you will get to know how to fake a sick with perfection. But before that you should be mentally prepared that you do not want to get caught while doing your activity. Thus, your work will be to play the character from your favorite movies or pick the actor to portray the role of being sick. All you need to do is to have the proper knowledge and information to play out the role of being sick. To know more about the ways to fake a sick, read the article further.

Ways to Fake Sick:

1.) Pick the Perfect Excuse to Fake Sick

You will need to decide the correct form of excuse to fake your sickness. It means you will have to figure out the fact that what type of sickness you want to fake in order to skip your school or office. So the first step for you is to pick the type of sickness. Then try to have the prior knowledge how to fake it in perfection. Do not leave out the minute details, so you will not get caught. And then get ready to show off some of your skills or the inner talent to fake a sick.

2.) Picking  the Fake Sneezing Activity to Fake Sick

If you want to fake a sneezing in order to fake you are being sick, then it’s quite easy. This is one of the easiest ways to show you are sick to your colleagues and your boss. All you have to do is show the symptoms of sneezing in case of a cold. That will include watery eyes, non-stop sneezing, puffy eyelids, dry nose, twitching nose and sore throat. And to start with the procedure you will to make your feel the irritation.

Take the tip of your tissue and tickle it inside your nasal passage. Make sure nobody is watching you while do it. You will get the reaction of the ticklish feeling of your nose within a minute. Try to repeat it for two more times. You will have endlessly sneezing coming up. It will automatically make eyes watery and puffy. And you feel like coughing. This will make your look really sick. Do not show that you will be fine after sometime. Instead, try to show that you are not able to work properly.

3.) Trying to Faint in Style to Fake Sick

To faint in school or office is the very common way everyone likes to show to fake a sickness. But there are some conditions associated with it. The teenagers and older generation have more of chances to faint naturally. But the middle-aged ones do not try to fake a faint more often in office, else your employers will think that you have been suffering from anemia. And it is not good for your work profile.  Therefore, the main symptoms of faint includes a blurred vision, dizziness, feeling weak, blood pressure lowers down and sweating. The next part is to put some action in front of your office or school mates.

You just have to show your feeling hot and dizziness. The next thing should be that you lost control of yourself while standing or sitting. When you show that you are back in your sense give appropriate reason like you have skipped your morning meal, etc.

4.) Trying to Show a Fake Throw Up to Fake Sick

This is another trick that will help you in the morning from missing your school. While for an office worker to leave office in the middle of work can also be helpful. To show that you are about to throw up and also to throw up in reality is possible even if you are not sick. You just have to show that the symptoms like dizziness, feeling hot. The next thing for you is to run to the washroom and start in into action. To actually throw up in reality you can directly put your index finger in your mouth. Try to do till you feel the gag and actually end up puking. With this you will actually have the feeling of being sick.

5.) Showing Headache to Fake a Sick

The next best and easy way to fake a sick is show that you are suffering from severe headache. And it can be done in perfection when you will able to display the symptoms or characteristics. The symptoms include pain on your forehead and the scalp area (it signifies mostly in case of a migraine), feel sensitive to light, and gets annoyed easily. So all you need to do is show off these symptoms perfectly to depict a headache in front of your colleagues. Thus, once your headache looks genuine to everyone, take the advantage and try to show that you want to leave office to get some rest at home.

6.) Trying to Show Fever to Fake Sick

In order to fake a fever , you will have to  take precautions. Most of the times, when you suffer from a fever you are being taken to the doctor. So make sure, you are not being taken to a doctor. And even if you are being taken to a doctor, try to ignite the real symptoms of fever.

You will need to show the main symptoms like sweating, headache, shivering, loss of appetite, etc. Thus, try to show you are feeling cold and cover yourself with more clothes than you have worn it to office. Then show the feeling of headache and once you are able to do it in perfection. It’s done! You can ask for a leave from your office.

7.) Trying to Show Nausea to Fake Sick

The feeling of nausea can also save you to show a fake sick. You just need the right instruments. In short, the symptoms like puckish feeling, looking pale, feeling uneasy or dizziness, sweating over your forehead. The next is to show up that you are having a feeling of an upset stomach. Just then, rush to the wash room. Then come back to your sit with a pale and sick look on your face to show diarrhea. Once everyone is convinced of your situation, show that you want to leave and go home to get some rest.

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