New Snapchat Tricks Tips Secret Features Revealed
New Snapchat Tricks Tips Secret Features Revealed

Snapchat is a freaking awesome app. And still, you are unaware of its full potential. It’s not just about adding filters and captions; there are many amazing Snapchat tricks which you don’t know if you are new Snapchat user.

Therefore, I’m going to tell you 7 Amazing known Snapchat trick that you should try now. Without further talk let’s start.

How To Use two filters simultaneously in Snapchat

snapchat dalmation filter
snapchat dalmation filter  image source:

Filters give a different experience while using Snapchat. But What if you can use two filters at once? You can exploit an image filter and another as data label filters.

Apply the first filter for a snap and press one finger on the screen to toggle between another filter.

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How To Make hilarious selfies with cool Lenses

Do you want to play with your pictures? You can do it by using Snapchat many lenses. You will able to insert multiple lenses for front camera shoots.

Press and hold front camera view and select various lenses at the bottom. You can choose funny lenses to make your photos hilarious.

How To Switch camera modes with taps

Toggling between rear and front camera are often disturbing, and thus Snapchat provides a shortcut to manage this thing quickly. Double tap on your camera to switch between the two cameras altogether.

How To Reply to Stories in Snapchat

Snapchat added “Your Story” features which help you to add a profile picture. It could be shown for a day to your friends. Click plus button at the left, to insert an image into the story. Your friendly can reply to your stories as well. Scroll to the bottom and type your message and press enter.

How To Rewind and Slow-mo filters

Snapchat has few amazing video filters along with picture filters and data labels.   Capture a video and swipe on the screen and you will notice three icons displaying a snail, rabbit and rewind button.

  • Snail filter makes your video into slow-motion
  • Rabbit maximizes your clips speed
  • No need to tell you about the rewind.


How To Enable night camera mode

Snapchat users were always unsatisfied about blurry photos. But you can make it better by using hidden features.

It comes with an inbuilt night-mode camera which activates by default according to the environment (Ex: low light or dark).

But here’s the trick. You can force this setting. Open Snapchat and block your camera to create the same kind of situation. It’s very simple.

You should try this in the little light or dark area to fool Snapchat app.

It’s not a suitable method to tackle this problem, but you can try it if you like. A half-moon icon will be visible beside the flash button while using night camera.

How To Send photos from Gallery

Snapchat allows you to send pictures from gallery. If you want to send a picture while chatting, click the yellow button to access your camera.

There is another button alongside capture button which you can locate inside capture button viewfinder. There will be an icon for managing gallery images. You can send pictures via gallery only when you are chatting, not from anywhere else.

How To Start live video chat in Snapchat

Do you want to video chat on Snapchat with your friends? You can do it on this app. Find out a glowing Blue button (not yellow) to see whether video chat-enabled or not with your online friend.

Press and hold the Blue button at the both side to start your video call. Once you remove your finger, the video call will be ended. It will end as soon as you take off your hand. Keep that in mind.

How To Add music to your snap videos

Snapchat lets you add your music to your videos, and it’s cool. Play a song on your music player to insert it within your Snapchat. Record a video while listening (playing) the music. That’s all. The song will be added automatically into the video.

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