5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Home Workout

Over the past year, most people have been unable to visit their normal gym or workout center because of pandemic restrictions. Although quarantine has been difficult for millions of people worldwide, it hasn’t stopped them from getting a quality workout from home. With some creative ideas and determination, it’s possible to get the most out of your workouts from home.

You may not have the advantage of the big machines and unlimited weights that you find at your gym, but working out at home can be just as effective. Whether you are using your living room to follow a workout video or in the garage using your free weights, the right workout routine doesn’t have to be determined by your location.

You can start with a pre-workout protein shake and find it here, and follow that up with some of these tips to help you get the most out of your home workout. Don’t give up just because you can’t get out to the gym.

Add Resistance

If you are limited to only a few weighted dumbbells at home, you may feel like you aren’t getting the right bang for your buck. To give your muscles a tough workout, you can add resistance bands to your training. These easy-to-use and affordable bands can be ordered online or picked up at your local sporting goods store. Try out different resistance strengths and get a tough workout without needing to have heavier weights.


Power Up

A pre-workout supplement can be just the thing to help you power through the toughest part of your workout. Whether you are working out at home or at the gym, a pre-workout smoothie or supplement can bring your efforts to the next level. Boost your strength and endurance quickly with the right workout supplement. Workout supplements can give your muscles the right fuel to burn extra calories and the nutrients that they need for a quick post-workout recovery.


Boost Your Reps

You are probably going to be working with lighter weights or weight alternatives like soup cans or water bottles when you exercise at home. This may not be ideal, but it can still give you a decent workout. If you are lacking in available weights, try boosting up your rep counts. Adding the extra cycles can help you to get the most out of your lighter weights.


Post Workout Stretch

Your activity before and after your workouts can greatly affect the overall quality. When you are working out at home, you have fewer options and less time. Don’t overlook getting your muscles stretched out after a tough workout. Leaving your muscles overworked without a cool-down stretching routine can leave you vulnerable to injury.


Shorter Rests

The high-intensity workouts that you are used to at the gym, might be tougher to achieve when you are at home. Take things up a notch by reducing your resting time between sets and reps. Adding more activity to your workout schedule can help you burn more calories and get better results.


Mix it Up

When you head to the gym, you probably don’t have the same routine for each day. When working out at home, it’s still a good idea to add some variety to your workouts. Work on cardio, legs, upper body, and strength on rotating days to avoid the boredom that could challenge your determination to stay on track. Take the opportunity to get outside when you can for a run or a ride to help you fight off the quarantine blues and get a great workout in the fresh air.


Find a Friend

Although face-to-face meetings are still discouraged as the pandemic continues across the world, taking advantage of technology could help you to find the perfect workout companion. Many gyms are offering virtual classes that you can stream in your own home. You can find other athletes online that may be interested in virtually meeting up for a workout. Having a workout partner can help you to stay focused and inspired. Talk to your regular workout coach or personal trainer about setting up virtual meetings that can help you to stay on track.


Have Fun

One of the advantages of working out at home is privacy. You don’t have to worry about what you wear, how much you can press compared to the guy across the room, and feeling silly in a new workout class. In your own home, you can let loose and focus on having fun and getting the best workout.


The pandemic has changed so many areas of our daily lives, including how we stay in shape. Don’t let your gym closure knock you out of your regular routine. Follow these tips to help you get the most out of your home workout.

By Paula

Editor in chief | PR Media Specialist | Social Media Marketer