Walking and Light Activity for Health Improvement

All across the world, people want to have healthy and aesthetic bodies. Many products have been formulated to help with that process: slim tea, weight loss pills, and other similar supplements. These efforts are being made because people want to fight obesity and other related health conditions.

 Most people assume that getting and maintaining a healthy body is difficult. Staying active and eating healthy will positively change one’s lifestyle. Once it becomes a habit, moving around gets easier, making you feel even younger. The body is healthy and strong enough to fight or prevent diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart diseases, and many others. Nonetheless, these benefits are only achievable through training activities no matter how light.


What Happens to the Body?

 Moving around takes energy and burns calories. When supported by healthy diets, the body utilizes the food better. Your body ensures that all of the nutrition in the food is consumed and the food is completely used up, storing no extra fat.

 The rate of metabolism is increased when the body is exercised continuously, which also helps in maintaining a healthy weight. The calories consumed per day should be burnt equally to keep your weight stable. Having a healthy body allows you to have more energy to run day-to-day activities, play, work, feel better about yourself, and also manage stress better.


How Often Should One Exercise?

Walking helps in maintaining a healthy body. A 30-minute walk can burn up to 200 calories depending on how much you weigh. The more you weigh, the more calories you burn. For someone who is usually busy and has limited time to go to the gym, walking can serve as a good form of exercise. Walking briskly can burn more calories in a shorter time than walking slowly and relaxed, which is still effective on its own. 

 Walking is the most basic form of exercise since it is how we move from place to place. Start a habit of walking briskly, no matter how short the distance. Also, elongate your steps to burn calories around your abdominal region. Another idea is supplementing the activity with performance enhancers that are readily available on 120kgs.org The results will surprise you!

 Did you know that regularly doing simple household chores can burn up to 1,000 calories per day? Doing this will significantly improve your health both physically and mentally. Chores might be looked down upon, but when done well, the participant feels satisfied. This process relaxes the brain, which is also a muscle and improves your mental health.

 Having an overall fit body is everyone’s dream. Simple household chores and activities are things that you find yourself doing every day. Five hours of light activity per day can give you a noticeable change physically and health-wise.



 Good examples are African community members. Some African communities that are still holding on to their traditions, such as the Maasai communities in Kenya and Tanzania, have fewer machines, vehicles, and computers working for them, which makes them opt to do a lot of things manually. Their bodies have been kept healthy since they spend most of their time doing light activities, which is enough exercise for them. 

 They have to move around with their animals across long distances. They do this to find water and food for the animals and the community. Therefore, it is effortless to keep fit and healthy with no gym in sight. Your limbs are more than enough to help you get started.


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