Facebook is the leading social networking giant with new features and millions of users joining every year. Facebook is the most preferred social networking site of all those people who like to connect with the world online.

In this tutorial, we are going to share a trick which has been talked about for a very long time. We all use facebook for different reasons and texting via facebook messenger comes with various options. But sometimes most of us get trapped in a situation where we want to see the message but without letting the other person know about it.

This trick will help you to check all the messages and keep them as unseen. This trick is very easy and very useful for all the people who like to read a message without letting the other person know about it.

trick can be done with a simple google chrome extension. You don’t need to know any rocket science. Just by adding an extension you can do this trick.

Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension will help you read the messages without letting the other people know about it.

Steps to install and use Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension:

Step 1. You need to update and chrome browser and open it.


Step 2. Now you need to install Facebook Unseen Chrome Extension in your Google chrome web browser.

Step 3. To download and add this extension to your chrome browser. click here

Step 4. After clicking all you need to do is just add that extension.

Step 5. Now you will notice a new icon on the top right side of your Google chrome browser shown in the picture below.

Step 6. You can use this extension by clicking on the icon and setting toggle to ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’. This is how you can use the unseen feature.


By Dhruval Patel

Blogger | Entrepreneur | Social Media Strategist | | Travel Freak