4 Mistakes to Avoid While Buying Your First Guitar

So, you’ve been trying out your string skills on a friend’s guitar for some time now and think it’s time to get yours? Good idea! Having your guitar brings more freedom to the artist within you. Now the only thing standing between you and guitar ownership is that you haven’t had a clue where to start. Should you pick the first one, when you come across guitars for sale? Should you splurge on the most expensive brand? These are common questions first-time guitar buyers ask and which signify the mistakes most of them make. We explore some common mistakes you should avoid when buying your first guitar.

  1. Avoid Choosing the Wrong Sound

You have two main options when shopping guitars for sale — an acoustic or electric guitar. Both guitars are great and come with their pros and cons. However, before you shop you’ll come across people who’ll tell you that an electric guitar is better for a beginner, while others will insist on the opposite.

This is usually confusing for those who don’t know much about instruments. This is how you end up taking home an instrument that doesn’t suit you. In other cases, first-time guitar buyers make this mistake because they insist on purchasing the one they saw their favorite rock star use. Before you shop, take time to think and make up your mind on what sound suits you.

Note, the quality of sound you produce when playing is not only reliant on your skills but the instrument as well. The most prudent option is to go for the type of guitar you’ve been trying out your skills on instead of the one you saw your legend with.

  1. Picking the Wrong Size and Weight

An electric guitar is usually small and heavy while an acoustic one is big and light. If you choose an electric guitar yet you’ve been practicing on an acoustic one, you might find it challenging to strum due to the size and weight difference. Therefore, if you didn’t know that guitars have different sizes, now you know. Ensure you pick one that suits your skills as well as compatible with your body size.  This is essential because the size and weight of the guitar for sale you pick can enhance or hinder your playing abilities.

  1. Forgetting to Purchase Accessories

If you’ve been trying your hand at a guitar, by now you know accessories make playing easier. For instance, picks not only make playing easy but also prevent you from hurting your fingers as you play.

A strap makes it easier for you to carry and play your guitar, especially if you’ll be standing for long hours during practice or while performing.  These accessories are usually available in a wide array of designs and styles. You need to purchase those that are compatible with the guitar you’re buying. Failure to do so or failing to buy completely makes your life hard as a guitarist.

  1. Buying a Guitar with too Many Features

A guitar that packs a bunch of bells and whistles is great only if you’re a skilled guitarist. But if you’ve recently learned the basics of guitar playing, going for such a guitar might make it so difficult for you to play, you end up quitting. In respect to that, get a basic beginner guitar and only advance if you feel you have what it takes to own a guitar with more features.

The guitar is the 2nd most popular instrument after the piano. If you’ve finally decided to get yours, ensure you avoid the above mistakes and shop from reputable brands like Acoustic vibes when looking at guitars for sale.


By Paula

Editor in chief | PR Media Specialist | Social Media Marketer