Four Reasons to Adopt a
Dog Right Now

Want a pet dog but can’t persuade your parents or your significant other to get one? Well, fret not, because we’ve got you covered!

Here’s some of the best verbal-ammo you can use, to overturn everyone’s protests, and finally get the canine love of your life!

  1. Get a dog and get healthy!

Got a dog? Well, chuck laughter out, for your furry companion is here to take his place as the “best medicine” of all time. You might call this an exaggeration, but clearly, the Royal College of Nursing, UK, and Harvard Medical School don’t think so.

According to them, dogs might actually help improve health, with evidence showing a decrease in heart diseases, cholesterol levels and stress, linked to dogs.

Looks like dogs don’t just fill your heart, but clear it too – an amusing irony!

  1. Stress Soothers? No thanks, we’ve got our dogs!

Feeling sad, depressed or just plain melancholy? Well, rest assured your dog will immediately sense your desolation and come bounding to cheer you up! Not only will they give you all the loving devotion you want, but they’ll also reduce stress levels and trigger the “feel-good” hormone – Oxytocin.

Guess this is goodbye, depression! (Or at least we hope so.)

  1. Need a wingman? Well, look no further.

Want to sleep in, instead of going to the gym and putting in all that effort? Well, it’s your lucky day, for you can do just that. All you need is to take your dog out for a walk, and let your furry companion unleash his magic! Not only will you be inexplicably deemed more attractive, by the opposite sex, but people, in general, will also be more empathetic, kind and helpful around you.

Owning a pet is the perfect ice-breaker and an instant conversation-starter. Trust us, your ultimate wingman is right beside you.

  1. Evil minions, Beware!

Whether it’s taking care of a toddler or guarding your property against security risks, dogs are the most versatile guardians ever.

Just an angry bark from your canine sentinel will be enough to send even the most hardened of criminals packing. And we’re not kidding. After all, using this primitive, but golden scare-tactic is not what one would be expecting, in the 21st century.

Which Dog To Buy?

There are dozens of dog breeds said to be suitable to be kept as pets. We suggest that you buy a puppy so that you and your dog can grow together and strengthen the bond.

While there is no harm in opting for an adult dog, choosing a puppy would be more beneficial. However, they can be a little difficult to take care of.

Some of the most popular breeds include labrador, husky, bulldog, and golden retriever. Check FouFou puppies for sale for some healthy options.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your cards, make a flashy presentation, and convince even the most adamant of dog-critics that these treasures are here to STAY.


By Paula

Editor in chief | PR Media Specialist | Social Media Marketer