Most of us know the big giants like Google Chrome (the popular one nowadays), Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and so on. It is true that these browsers do their job pretty good and also some additional works too. But a lesser known fact is that they can go heavy on your PC. There are proofs all over the internet about how these giants drain our system memory and the precious battery life and what not, thanks to commercial competency. So what is the alternative? The answer is obvious, lightweight browsers. How do lightweight browsers differ from the “heavy ones”!!! They do the same work as that of the mainstream browsers with reduced consumption of system resources and minimize the memory footprint.

Here is a list of lightweight browsers for Windows 10 that those won’t take your system resources.

Midori Windows Browser

Key Features: Open source | HTML5 support| Spell Checker | Incognito Browsing | Start-up Settings | Privacy Settings | Minimalist UI | Download Midori

Midori is one of the opensource lightweight browsers for Windows 10. Besides being a lightweight browser, this windows browser supports significant features that of a mainstream browser, such as HTML5 support, bookmark, RSS support, Spell checker, anonymous browsing (which also goes by the name Incognito browsing).

Apart from these features, Midori offers additional features, such as changing privacy settings, font/display settings, startup settings so on. As most browsers have, this browser also comes with a default search engine. Midori uses duckduckgo as its default search engine. This is a plus in a world where everyone is in fear of privacy infringement since duckduckgo doesn’t collect or share user information. Concerning UI design, Midori is minimalist and straightforward in approach which is a trend nowadays. The UI mainly consists of a search box, bookmark bar, some of the usual buttons and apparently, the content takes the majority of space.

Comodo IceDragon

Key Features: Security | Web page Scanning | Crush Report | Performance Report | Download Comodo


The first thing to mention is that Comodo is a security company, and that clarifies the superpower of this browser. Along with robust security Icedragon has other necessary features also, which is similar to Mozilla Firefox. Some of that features would be, menus, extensions, add-ons and so on.

This lightweight windows browser uses Comodo’s DNS servers while converting URLs to IP addresses. And the company claims that Comodo browser servers are faster than any other. Moreover, the browser runs in its own virtually created container, therefore no contact with the system, which means the potential harmful software is neither downloaded nor installed. This lightweight browser also comes with features such as scanning a web page for threats, crash report, performance report, etc.,


Key Features: Open source | Built-in Email Client | Password Manager | Voice Interaction | Mouse gestures | Download SeaMonkey

Like Midori, Seamonkey is also open source Windows browser. This one offers more than regular web browsing. SeaMonkey has got a built-in email client and also helps to develop simple web page by using the built-in editor.

This Windows Light Weight Browser is packed with features such as, password manager, mouse gestures, voice interactions, ability to restore sessions. The point to be noted is that it has all these features especially features such as voice interaction and still is lightweight. There is a downside to SeaMonkey though. Since it is open source, Seamonkey undergoes frequent changes. Hence it is not stable and reliable, but the less consumption of energy and memory make that downside irrelevant.

Maxton Cloud Browser

Key Features: Ad blocker| Password Manager | Data Sync Across Devices | Multi-Engine | Download Maxton

This best Windows 10 Browser comes with features that even the major competitors lack. Maxton comes with built-in ad block (which many users crave for and many browsers lack), screen capture tool, night mode, read mode and so on. Also, it has got a multi-account password manager, which goes by the name Magic Fill. Moreover, Maxton Browser has got its cloud service to sync user data between various devices, which is a handy feature as we are moving towards the trend of cross-platformcompatibility. Paxton is a multi-engine browser comes with Trident engine (Internet Explorer) and WebKit engine (Safari and formerly chrome).


Key Features: Chrome Engine | Theme Change Scheduler | Tab Arrangements | Download Vivaldi

Vivaldi has got solid performance and a reliable browser for Windows 10. This lightweight browser uses Google Chrome engine, but use far less memory than Chrome browser. Vivaldi has got some customization options such as themes, tab arrangements, take notes, etc. The Vivaldi browser has an option to schedule the theme to change automatically. Vivaldi browser has beaten Mozilla Firefox in HTML5 test. This Windows browser is pretty young and has got some room for improvement.


Key Features: Chrome Engine| Multimedia friendly| Streaming services| Download buttons | Download Torch

Torch Browser also uses Chrome engine in it. This browser is a boon to those users who wish to access media content from the web. Torch browser is mainly designed to help with listening to music and watch videos. This lightweight browser is packed with features for managing and playing media sources easily. Torch browser has got a built-in youtube streaming service called torch music. Another feature is built-in download button, which saves us from the trouble of finding additional tools and prevent from installing any malware.


Key Features: Multi-engine | Engine Switching option | Download Lunascape

Lunascape is a multi-engine browser like Maxton Cloud Browser for Windows 10. Unlike Maxton Cloud, Lunascape has three engines associated with it. Trident (Internet Explorer), Gecko(Mozilla Firefox), Webkit (Safari and formerly Chrome), these are the three engines used. The browser allows switching between these engines at any time. But this may cause poor performance on some systems.








We all live in the information age, so the term internet not new to a majority of people. Likewise, it is a known fact that the primary way to access the internet is via a browser. These lightweight browser lists guarantee you the maximum speed to your system by utilizing less memory and CPU power. In doing so, these lightweight browsers have to cut off some of the mainstream browser features. This is a trade-off when you seek for lightweight browsers, and most of these features are not used most of the time.


By Dhruval Patel

Blogger | Entrepreneur | Social Media Strategist | | Travel Freak