Forget everything you think you know about the blockchain tech. What started out as an obscure technology that few people knew about and even fewer understood is taking off big time. And it’s coming to a town near you soon.

At just under 10 years since Bitcoin was first introduced, the blockchain industry is booming and it’s set to get even bigger. Recent case studies assume the value of the market will be at $20 billion by 2024.

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Which is pretty amazing considering that very few people outside the tech industry even knew what blockchain was until last year. What started out as an experiment in making online payments more secure has blossomed into something that even the original developers couldn’t have foreseen.

Contrary to what critics say, blockchain tech is not some flash in the pan idea. In fact, it’s already had some major impacts across several industries and is being hailed as the biggest development since the internet. Yes, it’s that big.

And, yes, there have been some teething problems like scalability issues, but that’s to be expected, especially if you consider how completely revolutionary the concept is. Highly secure, user-driven, and extremely versatile, is it any wonder that so many industries have started adopting the tech?

Want the actual statistics to wow your friends with? Tired of your mates droning on about the same old boring Bitcoin factoids? Read through all the premium information on the infographic below. We’ve posted it for easy reference. Have a look because we know you’ll learn a thing or two.

What You’ll Find…


You’ll see that cryptos account for a very small part of the changes that this new tech has brought about. We’d say that cryptos are actually a pretty boring part of the equation – unless, of course, you’d gotten your hands on some Bitcoin a few years ago. (And don’t we all wish we had?)

We didn’t land some Bitcoin when the price was ridiculously low, so, for us, the currency is not that interesting. What we’d like to learn more about, though, is how blockchain tech could finally make the Internet of Things a reality.

While we’re not so sure that we want our fridge and other appliances gossiping about us behind our backs, which could be a possibility considering how AI is advancing, we like the idea of being able to control every device we own from one central point.

It’s the only chance we’ll get at being a dictator, so the prospect is somewhat interesting. Hey, it might not be the most practical application of the tech, but it is a fun one.

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