How to Earn Your Real Estate License Online

The possibilities are endless for someone who acquires a real estate license in the state of New York. You can earn commissions off the sale of residential and commercial properties as well as negotiating retail lease agreements. One way to get started is to take a New York real estate license course online. The benefits of online education are:

  • Self-paced learning – If you are holding down another job or raising a family, online education flexes with your schedule.
  • Cost effective – Classes online usually cost less. This is because there is no classroom to maintain.
  • Travel time – Physically it can be difficult and time-consuming to get to a classroom. You can study courses at home, at your local library, or at a quiet coffee house around the corner from where you live.

The process involved in becoming a licensed agent in New York begins with completing an approved training curriculum. After that, the individual must pass an exam given by the Department of State. The final step is interviewing and finding employment under a New York broker.

Prelicense Training

To get your license to sell real estate, you will need to take a 75-hour comprehensive training course. The studies cover the basic principles of real estate. Some of the topics that will be are:


  • Real property – Students will learn how and why they must be able to identify what is real property, and what is personal property. You will also learn about property and ownership laws.
  • Contract law and disclosure requirements – Training will cover what makes a contract legally enforceable or voidable, and what actions create a contract, and what cancels an agreement.
  • Estimating property value – Classes will go over how to approach market values and comparisons.
  • Financing – This chapter explains the mortgage lending process, what it takes to qualify for the loan, and legal issues in the mortgage industry. You will learn about loans backed by the U.S. Federal Housing Administration, adjustable rate mortgages, and jumbo loans.
  • Closing – Closing the deal is often the hardest part of the transaction, but the educational program will prepare you with knowledge on the process, taxes, and closing costs.


The courses are prepared with lesson plans and practice quizzes. A tip from a grad student to help you study is to learn the concepts instead of just memorizing facts. Once you have completed all the chapters, there is the final test. You have 90 minutes to complete the 75 multiple choice written exam, and you are allowed to use silent calculator. The test is pass or fail but in order to pass, you must obtain a 70% or higher to proceed to the final state exam. You will not see a number score.

State Test

To qualify for the state test, you must present a certificate of completion, which you earned upon passing the 75-hour prelicensing training. Once the state verifies that you have completed the required coursework, you are eligible to schedule an appointment to take the final exam. You can make the appointment online via eAccessNY. The examination sites are scattered across the state from Binghamton to Plattsburgh.


On the day of the exam, you will need valid ID to enter and your print out from the eAccessNY system. If you are anxious, take a few moments to relax. It will boost your confidence and concentration. The state test follows the same format and scoring as the pre-license exam. Results will be posted in the eAccessNY system. Results can take a couple weeks to appear. If you fail, you can retake the test. If you passed, it is time to look for a broker.

Finding employment

You must hang your license under a broker in New York. Most agents pay a brokerage or desk fee. Huffington Post recommends interviewing with many firms and learn about the different commission splits available.


If you’re unsure where to find a broker or real estate firm, be observant. Look at the for-sale signs posted on laws in the neighborhood you wish to work in. You can also look in any local publication or listen to the radio for the area’s real estate ads. You can also do a simple search engine check online.


When you finally land an interview, get prepared. Research the company and bring five to 10 questions to ask the interviewer. Search online and practice answers for typical real estate agent interview questions but also be prepared for the unusual questions. On the day of, dress the part of a real estate agent and show up on early.


Once you are hired by a broker, you must notify the Department of State where you will be working.


Further down the road, to continue employment as a real estate agent, all licensees in New York must complete 22.5 hours of continuing education courses every two years.

By Dhruval Patel

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