Welcome to Howtodoanything.org ! Today, I will show you how easy it is to set up the  Authenticator app on your mobile device. Google Authenticator allows us that fuzzy feeling of knowing that even if someone did get have of our password, they still can’t get your account.  using your Google account you can  set up within a few seconds


  1. You must have 2-Step Verification set up for your Google account.
  2. You must install the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device. you can install it by simply downloading the app from Google Play.
  3. You must install a barcode scanner.

Now that you have completed the prerequisites lets jump right in and set up your device to be your mobile authenticator.

  1. From your favorite browser, open the Google account security page
  2. Click on “2-Step Verification”
  3. Under the Authenticator App section, click “Setup”
  4. Choose your device type (Android, iPhone) and click “Next” to reveal a QR code
  5. Open the Authenticator app on your device
  6. Tap on “BEGIN SETUP”
  7. Tap “Scan a barcode” (if you have not installed a barcode scanner, you will now be asked to)
  8. Scan the QR code that is open in your browser
  9. Click the “Next” button
  10. Type the code you see on your mobile device into the text box and click verify.
  11. Click the Done option to complete your setup

so you have it, you now have the added security of a 2-step login process with the ease of a code generator on your mobile device.

you can use Google Authenticator for iPhone as well. you can find authenticator apk online as well and on the google play store and apple store as well.

By Dhruval Patel

Blogger | Entrepreneur | Social Media Strategist | | Travel Freak