best iphone hacking apps
best iphone hacking apps

We all live in an Era where gadgets are our best friends, We literally spent more time with our gadgets. We use them for almost every purpose from calling a friend to ordering a pizza. Previously there was no gadget which was able to perform tasks, which are performed by gadgets of this Era. Overall, But with everything good, there is something bad.

We have no idea how we are using them and who are having access to them. We connect to open Wi-Fi networks without giving a thought that it could be a problem. We share our gadgets info among friends which can be leaked, We browse things, which we don’t have any idea about. We do it all for fun, for necessity.

But what if I tell you that there are few apps in your iOS, which can be used for the hacking purpose. For stealing others data, For getting access to others mobiles, And it doesn’t end there you will face the same if someone is using these apps and until you know that you’re getting hacked you can’t do anything about it.

best iphone hacking apps
best iphone hacking apps


1. iWep Pro

We all use Wi-Fi on a daily basis, But sometimes its just not your day to get a free Wi-Fi signal. Then you just move on without any hope for next signal, Well you can hack a Wi-Fi signal by using this app. This app is designed for cracking the Wi-Fi passwords. The user interface(UI) is very simple and This app can be used to crack Wi-Fi passwords of a WEP secured security network.

2. WLAN Audit – WiFi Hacker App Cydia

We all come across Wi-Fi networks which are secured by different methods. So this app can be used for cracking the passwords of routers. who have not changed their Wi-Fi passwords from the first time, Also with this app, you can easily crack secured connections like WPA and WPA2

3. xSellize Game Hack

This app is known as the best Cydia game hack. With this app, you can do things which you have never thought about. We all want to play paid games. Because they are better and good compared to free games . So we can use this app to play paid games and download them

4. Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker

Even government of all the countries need these type of software for various purposes. So this app Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker is sold by Russian firm to many government agencies. It is more like a device than a software, Which runs a software. You can extract all the data from iOS device remotely by impersonating the device.

5. 3G Hack

We all have faced those apps which run only on Wi-Fi. So we get a lot of trouble when there is no Wi-Fi but there is 3G data in our device. This app helps you convert your 3G data to Wi-Fi network

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By Dhruval Patel

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