Top 7 Area Rug Styles to Try in Your Home


An area rug is one such piece of decor which you can add to your home to make a significant difference. Area rugs can come in a variety of styles. You can easily add life to any area in your home with the help of an area rug. However, among so many different area rug styles, it can be a bit difficult to pick the right one. We will today share with you Top 7 Area Rug Styles to Try in Your Home. These will allow you to rejuvenate the entire look of your home.

  1. Shag

If you’re looking for some upscale sophistication, you can opt for the shag rug. It is entirely soft and luxurious to touch. The designs can add a bit of texture to a home. Moreover, with hundreds of different patterns available, it is easy to find the one which suits the decor of your home.


  1. Contemporary

If geometric patterns or designs attract you, you can go with the contemporary area rug. They are abstract but are highly graphical and eye-capturing. Some of these patterns include:


  • Graphic prints
  • Abstract prints
  • Trellis
  • Chevron


You should opt for this style of the rug when you want to add a new focal point in your home. It will help you rejuvenate the entire decor of your home. With such area rugs, it is easy to make it a focal point in your home.


  1. Vintage

Vintage styles are precisely the opposite of the contemporary ones. These include bohemian rugs and other such designs. However, if you want to buy a vintage one, you will have to shell out at least $1000. If you have the rustic decor in your home, these are the area rugs which you can certainly try. If you need the vintage appearance, those are available in the modern area rugs as well. These will help you choose a budget-friendly option rather than buying an actual vintage rug.


  1. Traditional designs

Traditional designs consist of American and Russian touch. These rugs have patterns of flowers, scrollwork, and vines. They are pretty intricate and comprises of borders which add to the aesthetics. When looking for an area rug for the places in your home like living rooms and dining rooms, you can go with these options. Since these are available in a wide variety of designs, it is easy to pick the right rug.


  1. Modern

Modern rugs are the most popular area rugs these days. They are suitable for any space in your home. Also, they come in a lot of different size options which makes it easy for you to choose the area rug. The advantage of modern design is that you can get them in solid colors or intricate designs. The choice is entirely up to you. It is easy to find a modern rug which compliments the decor of your home. Instead of overpowering the decor, it can complement the decor which adds to the aesthetics.


  1. Transitional

The transitional rug style is a cross between the traditional designs and contemporary designs. It incorporates elements from both of these designs. They are pretty sophisticated. If you’re looking for an upscale rug which consists of various design elements, you can certainly consider this one. Transitional designs can contain all or some of the design elements like oriental motifs, vines, scrollwork. They can either have all of these elements or just based on any one of these elements. The color palette of such rugs are subtle. It means that they are not overpowering at all. The design elements make them look elegant. If you want the area rug in your home to stand out, the transitional designs are the best option for you.


  1. Southwest:

Southwest rugs have a texture which is similar to a blanket. They are flat woven. Often, they have various geometric designs. If you like the block patterns or geometric designs, this is the one which you should consider. This name comes from the south-western region where they are pretty famous. The color palette of such rugs includes earth hue colors. That is why; they are subtle in their appearance in spite of the designs which stand out. The example is the rustic or boho-chic rugs. They can also be found in modern neon color designs if you want them to stand out. With numerous options available, it is easy to place these rugs. Due to this very reason, these rugs have become quite famous.

So, when you’re looking to experiment with area rug styles in your home, these are the seven options which you can consider. The seven options above are suitable for various kind of decor. When you go through our list, you will find at least a couple of options which are ideal for your home. With this cool area rugs, you can highlight the decor of your home or compliment it. The possibilities are plenty.

By Paula

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