Hey there ! , What’s up everyone today I’m going to talk with your relationships. If you’re going on a first date that you have high hopes for – perhaps with someone you’ve been talking to online but haven’t met face to face yet – then you definitely want to make a good impression. While you can overcome a lot of shortcomings fashion-wise, with your personality, and how you act on a date, it’s definitely better if you can put in a bit of effort beforehand to make sure your clothes and hair are selling you right off the bat. One of the most important things to get right is shoes. Here’s why.


Small Details

A lot of the time it’s things that may seem like minor details that are actually what a woman makes judgments on, and quite often she’s doing this subconsciously rather than deliberately taking note of what you’re wearing and making assumptions because of it. If you have the rest of your outfit sorted, then it can be something as simple as having the wrong kind of watch for your outfit (for instance a sports watch with a smarter outfit) that can make the wrong impression, and the biggest thing of all for this is shoes!

Why Do Women Care About Your Shoes?

It may seem weird, but it’s not just women, and it’s not just when we look at potential partners that shoes play a bigger role in first impressions than they really, logically should. Research has shown that shoes are one of the first things most people notice about somebody else, even if they’re not conscious of it, and this applies in all different situations, such as job interviews, meeting new people at parties, and of course, on dates. If your date is a fashion conscious woman, there may be a more conscious dimension to it too, as she may actually be looking to your shoes for an idea of your fashion sense and taste, but even if that’s not something she’s interested in and she herself has no idea which shoes are in style right now, she’ll be noticing the condition of your footwear and whether it fits with the venue and the rest of your outfit.

What Kind of Shoes to Wear for a Casual Date?

Of course, you need your shoes to go with the general tone of your date, and so while it may be easy enough to have the right shoes, all nicely polished for a business meeting or black-tie event, it can be harder if you’re doing a normal kind of date activity like meeting up for coffee or going to a laid-back bar. In these situations, you want a casual shoe, so sneakers are pretty much the best option, but here you can consider going for something like the beautiful Givenchy sneakers for men you can find at SSENSE. This designer is a popular choice for stylish menswear, though at SSENSE you can also find the latest in casual sneakers from other high-end brands like Gucci, too. Designer sneakers will show you have a good eye for style and also hint at being a successful person, without making you look or feel overdressed for a laid-back date.

What do you think? Do you notice other people’s shoes when you first meet someone? Let us know!

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By Dhruval Patel

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