You want to build a new house or redecorate your existing one it can be challenging going about it without any guidance. Interior design can be challenging, especially if you aren’t too savvy with doing your own research.

Interior designers truly are worth the investment as they take care of decorating the house right from the beginning to the finish. They will help you tie up the loose ends of your already planned objective about your house or just implement your vision of the house if you have trouble investing the time required because of your schedule.


Why you should find an interior designer?


  • Spending money on someone to decorate your house hardly sounds wise financially. However, consider it this way, they stop you from making expensive mistakes and can up the value of your property by making it look more appealing when selling is an option you are considering.


  • They have access to a lot more resources than the layman. An interior designer can pull a few strings, ask around, talk to his connections and can find you the best deals available.


  • You won’t have to go about searching and asking people to refer you carpenters, painters or other people to do your job. Interior designers usually have a team of people ready to start working. Often, they also offer budget-friendly prices in hope of scouring new work.


  • When you are stuck in a creative rut or just don’t know how to you want a particular area to be decorated or used, interior designers fly to your rescue. Adding a pair of trained eyes to the mix will surely result in better results.


  • An interior designer can get customizable furniture for your home, designed to fit your home perfectly if you are looking for something that isn’t available in the market.


Now that you have read about how interior designers are a good investment, the next question is how to find an interior decorator? Finding the right interior decorator is going to require a good deal of research and a good checklist to compare the qualities that you are looking for in your decorator.


How to find an interior decorator?

  • A good place to start with would be to ask around. Knowing the opinion and recommendations of your friends and family can help narrow your choices down.
  • Put all your research skills to use. Make a list of interior designers who find inspiration from the same things as you.
  • Take a serious look at their credentials and qualifications. If you are looking for someone who has qualifications to back them up, don’t forget to check for the same.
  • Look for customer reviews and testimonials on their website. If they have a list of references provided, don’t be wary of calling them and asking their feedback.
  • Ask for a portfolio of work. Check if they can deliver on different kinds of styles and if they match your own.
  • As an assessment, you can ask the designer to design a sample based on your given budget. It is important to look for designers who can do wonders with any budget provided.
  • Sit down and have an open conversation with them regarding every single detail that you want to know. Observe if they are listening in on your opinions and preferences and if they are comfortable translating your vision to reality.
  • Be upfront and frank about your budget and how much investment you are willing to allocate to each area. Keep in mind any qualms that the designer might have about your budgetary restrictions and if they can work with it.
  • The most important aspect of choosing the right designer is to check if their work and style sensibilities match with your own.


By Paula

Editor in chief | PR Media Specialist | Social Media Marketer