5 Ways You Can Beat Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is one of the deadliest phenomena of modern times. Each year, around 2.8 million adults lose their lives to this substance. Yet, over 85 percent of Americans have been reported to drink alcohol at least once in their lives. Whereas, over 26 percent have partaken in excessive drinking. This is because finding a way out of alcohol’s clutches is harder than we can think. While it affects our lives and those of our loved ones, if we fall for the inebriation of alcohol once, then it is quite difficult to come back from that point. But while doing so is tough, it is not impossible. Through determination, perseverance and a drive to build a better life for yourself, you can certainly beat alcohol addiction for good. If you or a loved one is currently going through this life-altering issue, then Amethyst Alcohol Rehab Guide can help you combat it. While you do so, also keep the following suggestions in mind. These suggestions can help you or your loved one beat alcohol addiction.

Reach Out for Help

One of the best ways to beat alcohol addiction is also the most simple: You just need to reach out for help. It might be difficult at first to talk about your demons to your loved ones. But you have to know that acknowledgment is the first step to repair the self-control that you have lost. Your loved ones can be of great help to ensure that you gather the motivation that you need and that you get the watchful control that you require.

Question Why You Are Drinking

It is not to accuse yourself or make yourself feel bad at whatever you have lost, but to know exactly what could draw you away from this toxic dependence on alcohol. Asking questions such as what do you gain out of it and why you drink in the first place can help you determine the root cause of the problem. Do you drink to “forget”? Do you drink to disconnect yourself from the world? Do you even need to do that? By thinking of these questions, you can stop yourself from falling down the toxic desire when you feel it burning within yourself.

Remember Your Situation

Reminding yourself that you actually want to quit drinking is also a very effective way of weaning yourself away from alcohol. Whenever you feel the need for a drink, make sure that you remind yourself that you are trying to be better for yourself and your loved ones. If possible, keep a reminder of your goals in your phone or a picture of your loved ones on its screen (or your wallet for that matter). When you feel the need to drink, remind yourself that you have to quit by looking at these mementos.

Don’t Give Into Peer Pressure

Do you think that going out with your friends may cause you to lose your resolve? Do you think that you may end up “sharing a drink with the boys” anyway? Or do you believe that the fellow “girls who enjoy wine” may feel differently towards you for wanting to get sober? Remind yourself that giving into peer pressure is what may push you back towards drinking again. Make sure to draw the line among your peers and make it clear that you are not going to drink anymore.

If they are truly your friends, then they would respect your choices. Otherwise, it would be time to find a new company.


Finding peace in physical and mental exercises can help you focus on your objectives. Meditation is one of the many forms of this control method that can help you feel at peace with yourself and draw you away from wanting to have a drink.

Make sure to set a specific time for meditation and dedicate yourself to it. If you ever feel the need for a drink throughout the day, try a short meditation session to drag yourself out of the desire. This would help you overcome the urge effectively.


By Dhruval Patel

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