free jio phone
free jio phone

WWW.JIO.COM Phone Booking, Jio Phone Booking has been started from 24 August 2017, How to Book Jio Phone Online and Buy Online Reliance Jio Mobile. How to Book Reliance JIO Rs.1500 Lyf Feature Phone Online by MyJio App or Offline Digital Store.

Official Announcement of Jio Phone Booking

This is great news for the people who were eagerly waiting for the launch of the free Jio phone. The Jio Phone booking has been started from 24 August 2017. Breaking news is that many Jio retailers have already started to take pre-order through the offline registration process. So, hurry and book now your Jio phone and enjoy unlimited calling and data services.

At first, it was unlimited free calling and data service from the Jio sim. Now the Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) shocked the world with the launch of the 4 G Feature phone with unlimited calling and data service. Over that, the handset is available at free of cost. This news has shocked the whole country and everyone is looking forward for the Jio Phone Booking.

jio 4g feature phone
jio 4g feature phone

The news was declared in the 40th shareholder meeting of RIL where CEO and Managing Director Mukesh Ambani announced the launch of free Jio phone. However, this one will be a feature phone and the target will be to capture over 50 crores of feature phone market in India.

Before Jiophone RIL launched  JIO sim and jio apps for jio lyf phone, following jio apps were downloaded more than 1 million times on google play store

Jio Apps

  • MyJio – Manage Jio Account and Digital Services associated with it 
  • JioTV – A live TV channel servi
  • JioCinema – An online HD video library
  • JioChat Messenger – An instant messaging app
  • JioMusic – A music player
  • Jio4GVoice (earlier JioJoin) – A VoLTE phone simulator
  • JioMags – E-reader for magazine
  • JioXpressNews – A news and magazine aggregator
  • JioSecurity – Security app
  • JioDrive – Cloud-based backup tool
  • JioMoney Wallet – An online payments/wallet app
  • JioSwitch – Transfer content
  • JioNet – Connect to JioNet Wi-fi

Why the Launch Free 4G Feature Phone

RIL has always brought revolution to the Indian telecom market. Last year, it changed the complete face of the mobile market with the launch of Jio connection. This service offered unlimited voice calling, data usage along with video calling too. Since its launch in September last year, the Jio connection has crossed over 125 million users. Now they have launched the free 4G feature phone with a refundable security deposit of Rs 1500. Thus, it comes down to Rs 0 that you need to pay as the price of the set.

In the meeting, Mukesh Ambani said that feature phone had a great share of mobile handsets in the market. The share is way more than of windows or smartphones. That is why he is targeting the huge customer base that is using feature phones which don’t provide many services for the internet and other features.

The launch of the free 4G feature phone will attract the customers as it provides a huge cost-benefit. It will provide unlimited free calling along with data services and all this service with just a security deposit of Rs 1500 which is refundable after 3 years. This will be a big step towards creating a digital India.

Jio Phone Booking Has Been Started From 24 August 2017

The beta testing for the free Jio phone already started on 15th August 2017. 24th August 2017 is the official date for the Jio Phone Booking. Due to the expected huge demand of the set, the company has decided to deliver 5 million phones every week across the country.

For the people who are still unaware of the news, the Jio phone booking has been started from 24 August 2017. The Jio phone booking can be done from both offline and the online process. Here, you will find everything you need to know about the Free Jio phone.

Detailed Update on Jio Phone booking

The official date to book the phone was announced to be 24th August 2017. The steps were simple; it can be done in two ways, online and offline.

  • For online, you need to visit the MyJio App and complete the formalities.
  • For offline, you have to visit the Jio offline stores and fill up the registration form and submit it with the copy of your Aadhaar card.

The phone is also expected t be available at the different online stores. The delivery of the phone is going to be started from the month of September and it will be delivered on first come first serve basis.

But a few days back, after the completion of the beta testing on 15th August 2017, the offline registration for Jio phone booking was started by many Jio stores. Here, the step of registration is same as you need to submit your Aadhaar card and fill up the registration form.

People doing this pre-booking with the offline registration is expected to get the delivery of the set between September 1st and September 4th. This might be a strategy taken by RIL to reduce the rush on 24th August and on the online platform as till date millions of people across the country has already done the offline registration.

Features of the Free 4G Feature Phone

LYF is the handset make of the Free Jio phone. This is a VoLTE feature phone and one of the cheapest 4G feature phone in the market as you can buy it free of cost. The set has numerous features, the most attractive ones are: –

  • Supports 22 Languages.
  • Have voice command facility.
  • Supports single sim.
  • Resolution is 240×320 pixels.
  • 4 inches is the screen size and others.

This free 4G feature phone has a unique feature, with the help of a cable and a special recharge pack; you can connect the phone to your television sets and watch the contents on the TV. It also supports even the CRT TV units.

Different Recharges Available with the Jio Phone booking

Recharge Plan Validity
24 Free voice, SMS, and unlimited data. FUP detail is not declared 2 Days
54 Free voice, SMS, and unlimited data. The FUP detail is not yet declared 7 Days
153 Free voice, SMS, Unlimited data. 500 MB is the daily FUP 30 Days
309 Free voice, SMS, Unlimited data with 500 MB daily FUP. This plan only allows the phone to connect with the TV set with a cord. 30 Days

Some Lesser Known Facts about Free Jio phone

  • It is said to be a free Jio phone, but you need to pay Rs 1500 for security deposit. This amount is refundable after 3 years.
  • This amount is taken to avoid any potential misuse of the data.
  • You don’t need to pay the money at the time of registration. You have to pay when the handset is delivered.
  • Jio phone booking has been started from 24 August 2017.
  • Some retailers, however, has already started to do offline registration of the phone.
  • There is a restriction to book one unit of the phone against one Aadhaar card.
  • If you have a business, you can book multiple handsets by submitting PAN or GSTN number.
  • You can connect the free 4G feature phone with your TV set and watch the content of the phone. It is available only with the 309 recharge pack.
  • The delivery of the handset is expected to begin from 1st September 2017. It will be delivered on first come first serve basis.

Order Jio 1500 Rs Phone Online Step by Step Process

  • Go to the JIO Official website JIO or Click on this JIO Free Phone Booking
  • Sign-up with your email id or Login if you already have an account, If not Sign Up.
  • Select the Jio Rs 1500 Mobile Phone in your cart.
  • Fill up delivery address.
  • Book or Register Mobile
  • Mobile Will Deliver at your Given Address within mentioned days above.

How to Book Jio Phone Online, Buy Now Jio Mobile Phone

This is Reliance Jio Phone Pre Book Form and Registration Form for newly Launched JioPhone @ 1500 Rs. This amount will be refundable after 3 Years of Booking Date.

By clicking “Pre Book Now” button, I accept Terms And Conditions, Booking will deliver only on COD (Cash on Delivery). Please do not pay any amount here.

Note: Only 500 Booking allowed per day, so hurry up and share with your friends and families.


The Jio phone Online booking has been started from 24 August 2017. But it was the official announcement as many retailers have already started to do offline registration of the handset after the beta testing on 15th August. The free Jio phone is available at a security deposit of Rs 1500 which is refundable after 3 years, but you only need to pay the amount at the time of delivery. No need to pay during registration. You can book only one unit of the free 4G feature phone per Aadhaar card unless you have a registered business.


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