megabox hd apk
megabox hd apk megabox for android megabox apk

Download Megabox HD Apk App For Android

Megabox HD App: Video streaming is one of the most usual activities on the web. With the high-speed internet now easily available on smartphones and computers, users can enjoy great quality video through the web portals and even mobile apps.

We all know that YouTube is the most popular video portal today. Owned by Google, YouTube is used by hundreds of millions of users worldwide. It has some really top grade videos and the best thing is that they are all available for free.


megabox hd apk
megabox hd apk , megabox for android

But, with YouTube, there is a drawback. If you want to watch the latest movies and shows they are not available on this portal. There are services like Netflix that offer the large database of movies and TV shows but you need to pay them a monthly subscription. So, what are your options?

The good news is that we have Megabox HD app that gives you access to thousands of videos and that too totally free of cost. It lets you stream your favorite movies and video content at a very high quality. The app is easy to download and easier to use. It has a very simple and user-friendly interface. If you have Megabox HD app for Android, you don’t need to download any other such app.

Download Megabox HD App For Android, iOS And For PC (Windows 10/8.1/7 & Mac):

This app lets you download the videos so that you can watch them later even when you are offline. While watching the videos online you can choose from two resolutions. This is particularly helpful when you are on a slow internet connection. Also, lower resolution helps you save data. Megabox HD app also allows you to add videos to Favourites so that you can access them easily without having to browse through the entire list all over again.

This app is not available on Google Play Store yet and hence we will need to use a workaround to get it on your device with the help of Megabox HD APK. We will also see how it can be installed on your PC. Megabox HD iOS is not covered in this guide.

Megabox HD For Android Using Megabox HD APK | How To Install Megabox HD On Android?

megabox hd apk
megabox hd apk

What Do You Need To Install Megabox Hd App?

In order to install this app the very first thing you need is the APK file on your Android device. You can download the file using any web browser. This means you will also need an active internet connection (preferably Wi-Fi.)

There are many websites out there claiming to have the genuine latest Megabox HD Apk. But, make sure you download only from the site you trust. This is to avoid downloading any malicious program onto your device.

Allow installation from The third party:

Due to security concerns, Android does not allow you to install apps from third-party sources by default. So, you need to make some changes to the settings as follows:

  • Go to Settings apps
  • Select Security
  • Enable the option labeled as ‘Untrusted Applications.’

Don’t worry! This is to protect you only from the harmful installations. Megabox HD is a very safe app and does not harm your device in any way.

Installation Procedure Of Megabox  HD Apk App On Android:

Now that you have made the changes to the settings to allow third-party installations and also downloaded the APK, you can follow these simple steps to install Megabox HD APK 2017:

  1. Locate the APK file that you downloaded on your device and run it by tapping on it (the files downloaded using browser are normally saved in the ‘Downloads’ folder by default. You can access file folders using ‘File Explorer’ app.)
  2. The installation process will start. Now all you need to do is follow the onscreen instructions to install this app.

Wait for a while and return to the home screen of your Android device. You will see the Megabox HD app icon there. That is it! You can now enjoy the latest movies, TV shows, and other videos on your Android device.

Download Megabox HD App For iOS(iPhone/iPad) |Install Megabox HD App On iOS 10/10.2.1/9.4:

Megabox HD is currently not available for iOS(iPhone/iPad) devices. And there is no proved method to install Megabox HD app on iOS till now. We will soon publish a complete method to install Megabox HD on iPhone devices. Keep visiting our blog for latest updates.

Download Megabox HD For PC | Install Megabox HD On Windows 0/8.1/7 & On Mac:

A desktop version of Megabox HD is not available yet. But, don’t worry. We know a workaround that will allow you to install Megabox HD for PC. This means you will be able to enjoy the amazing videos right on your PC as well.

Since Megabox HD is compatible with Android, we will need to find a way to run the Android apps on PC. This is what the Android emulators are meant for. They create the Android environment within the PC setup and allow you to access all the Android apps.

Requirements To Install Megabox HD On PC?

The very first thing you need is an Android emulator in order to install Megabox HD for Windows. We would recommend BlueStacks to you as it is very popular, reliable, and effective. It runs well on just about any computer. You can download it from

You will also need the Megabox HD APK. As aforementioned, you can download it from a trustworthy website.

Installation Procedure Of Megabox Hd On PC(Windows&Mac):

The installation process is pretty much similar to Android. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Install the BlueStacks emulator and launch it
  2. Sign in with your Google ID and password (regular Android login)
  3. You will now see a screen similar to that of Android tablet
  4. Locate the Megabox HD APK file you downloaded on your computer
  5. Right click it and choose ‘Open with’
  6. Select ‘BlueStacks’ to open the APK with
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This is all you need to do. The installation process will start. You need to follow the onscreen prompts to install the app.

Note: You will need to launch BlueStacks in order to use Megabox HD for Windows. All the Android apps can only be accessed using the BlueStacks emulator on your PC.


Megabox HD is a wonderful app that gives you access to some of the best video content from around the world. You can watch the high-quality videos, latest movies, and TV shows through this app. The app is available on Android as well as iOS. You can also get it on PC using an Android emulator. The app is completely free of charge.

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