GearBest: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale

The Black Friday & Cyber Monday Vape Sale at Gearbest has already started. Right now, there’s tons of merchandise with flash sale prices and be on the lookout for half price items, 99 cent deals, lucky bags and more.

There’s also a Regular Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale with inexpensive tablets, vacuum robots, drones, cell phones, accessories, 3d printers, tools, watches, toys, electronics, and more.

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  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Non-Vape Sale


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About Gearbest

GearBest is a company located in Shenzhen, China and has quickly become one of the most popular online sellers of electronics & e-cigarette/vaping products.  Their site constantly features rock bottom prices on tens of thousands of household products, gadgets and more.  While you may have some reluctance to buy from a Chinese vendor, you can be at peace when ordering from Gearbest!  We’ve dealt with the company for many years and they have always provided the best deals with quick turnaround on shipping and great customer service with 45 day returns.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping at Gearbest is mostly free to all countries and items can be delivered pretty much anywhere in the world.  It must be noted that their no-cost shipping may take anywhere from 5 to 15 days to reach their destination.  For many, this longer wait time is reasonable because of they can get their favorite items at rock bottom prices with free shipping.  Moreover, you can find additional savings by looking for discount coupon codes that are widely available on the internet or on this site. If you are impatient, Gearbest also offers paid FedEx or DHL shipping, so you can receive your items much faster.

Customer Service

If you get impatient while waiting for your  item that is delayed, Gearbest will always cancel your order and refund your money upon request.   Returns are also handled in a fast and efficient way, as long as you contact the company within 45 day window.  There’s also a one year repair and replacement policy which gives you another safety net in case you receive a defective order.

Contacting Gearbest is convenient.  They provide professional customer service for every single order and reply to submitted support tickets with lightning speed.  Although they are in a time zone that has business hours while many around the world are asleep, representatives will reply in real time to any order issues via ticket or 24-7 live chat.

Website Quality

The Gearbest website is easy to navigate and looks very nice.  Searching the site or creating and account is also a simple process.  To create an account, simply enter your email/password or conveniently log in with Facebook or Google+. After account creation,  you may receive an email once in a while with fantastic offers,  but Gearbest won’t inundate you with messages or sell your information to third parties.

By Dhruval Patel

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