Let’s know today  how to fun with google and google’s pranks like Google Gravity, Google Anti Gravity , Google Zero Gravity  , then you are at right place today we are going to share about following Google pranks.

Google Gravity, Google Anti Gravity, Google Zero Gravity 

  • Google gravity
  • Google Anti Gravity
  • Google Rainbow
  • Google Guitar
  • Google Underwater
  • Google Mirror
  • Google sphere
  • Google zero gravity
  • Google Space
  • Pacman
  • Google Zerg rush

Google Gravity 

Google gravity is simple google trick to give the screen a life. It rejuvenates our eyes. All the options and bars in default search screen of Google come down as Google gravity pulls all of those down In Order to use this Google Gravity trick just visit Google.com and in the search box enter “Google Gravity”. Here instead of clicking the search button, click on the “I’m feeling Lucky” button.

google gravity

step #1 : Visit Google.com then in search box enter “Google Gravity”.

step #2 :  instead of clicking the search button, click on the “I’m feeling Lucky” button.

Step #3 : then in search box enter “Google Gravity”. instead of clicking the search button, click on the “I’m feeling Lucky” button.

Step #4 : instead of clicking the search button, pinch on the “I’m feeling Lucky” button.


 Anti Gravity Google 

Anti gravity google is one of the most searched Google Prank. Typing Google Anti Gravity and hitting the search button makes entire screen floating in an arbitrary motion.  All the  options and searched results will start roaming here and there. This is a “must try” Google gravity prank. It’s not only unique but also a real “kick ass” feature

google anti gravity
google anti gravity

Google Sphere

Google Sphere is a very different way of showing search results. All the search results appear in a spinning  mode. You will be directed to your desired site when the respective link is clicked.  But getting all ten results at a time is difficult. It’s a different taste of searching .

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Google Rainbow

Google Rainbow is another prank to get all the things even search results appear like a rainbow. Default “search” button changes into “Rainbow search” and “I am feeling lucky” turns into “I am feeling colorful”. Searches get wings of colors . For young surfers it’s like great amusement.

google rainbow

Google Mirror

Google mirror comes with an “inverted image” when you touch/hit anything there in the search bar. Everything appears “left side right” or “right side left”, it’s like mirror effect

Google mirror
Google mirror

Google Guitar

Google Guitar in all the keys are set for a specific tone. Pressing the keys one after generates different rhythm. for music lovers, it’s time to get on Google and start composing and recording music at a time. Let your fingers listen your heart and leave the other things on Google. You must pull the cords with the keys.

google guitar
google guitar

Google Space

there is no any special difference between Google Space and Zero Gravity except the free flowing feature where searched results also flow on the screen and the background.

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Google Underwater

Google underwater makes your screen looks like aquarium. All the things will flash on the screen are nothing but marine life.


google underwater
google underwater

Google Gravity Pranks are really a kickass experience. If you have not tried yet, just take a break and try it. We can bet that you will share this write up with your friends if you take a minute experiment with any of the above mentioned Google Gravity Pranks.

check here official site  : Google gravity | Google anti-gravity | Google mirror | Google underwater 



Pacman started out as a Google doodle to commemorate the 30th anniversary of Pacman in 2010, but the Google Pacman game was so popular and now also it is ,which was given a permanent home.

Google Zerg rush:

Zerg Rush
Zerg Rush

Google “zerg rush” is created to defend your browser against hordes of the letter ‘o’ in Google’s logo, which will start to destroy your search results. They’re apparently undefeatable, but you can try to fight them off by clicking on them and share your high score on Google +. For those who aren’t familiar with StarCraft, a ‘zerg rush’ is a tactic where swarms of aliens known as ‘zergs’ descend in multitudes in order to overwhelm their enemies

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