Why Guarding your Personal Cyber Security should be Imperative

A recent from investingnews.com asks a very important question: is cyber-security important? The answer is a resounding yes, as cyber-crime and its proliferators grow at an alarming rate. The sheer number of cyber-threats are increasing each year exponentially, and with it, a new wave of alarming statistics regarding just how many businesses and individuals are affected by them. Cyber-attacks are causing enormous damages to companies, collecting sensitive data at every corner. According to investnews.com, hundreds of thousands of computers housing sensitive data are compromised each year. Worse still: had these companies taken appropriate measures to prevent these attacks, the damage could’ve been mitigated or avoided completely. People and businesses have been shockingly slow to recognize cyber-crime as a real threat, and as such are taken advantage of by malicious groups and programs on a daily basis. The damages caused by cyber-crime have been shown to cost corporations upwards of $500 billion; it goes without saying that this is a horrifying statistic to anyone with a large amount of personal information online. Fortunately, there are ways to combat these predators, and one of the best options available is the cutting-edge cyber-security company, Rubica.


Rubica is a company dedicated to protecting clients’ personal cyber security. Be it phishing emails or insidious malware, Rubica employs skilled and experienced professionals armed with knowledge to fight the threat thoroughly and efficiently. Even the most malicious malware isn’t above Rubica’s expertise. Rubica prioritizes customer safety and efficiency and is ready and willing to be put to work for you.

By utilizing Rubica, you gain the ability to protect yourself, your personal information, and those close to you from the devastating effects of cyber-crime. The company employs cyber experts from the highest of places, including the US Navy and Scotland Yard. This experience will go a long, long way in preventing malicious individuals from gaining access to sensitive information. Rubica, as a brand, is a deterrence against this sort of cyber-crime in and of itself. When malicious groups see a well-fortified defense, they are far less likely to make it their mark. Having a well-known, proven company like Rubica on your side will go a long way in defending against cyber-crime.


Furthermore, Rubica’s services come with the added benefit of being able to protect both individuals and business from attacks. This fact means their services can be employed to protect both your business and your loved ones from malicious cyber-crime. Additionally, Rubica prioritizes simplicity. With Rubica, the days of toiling over passwords and permissions are behind you. Rubica handles all of that and more, allowing you to lead a more stress-free and productive lifestyle.


In short, cyber-crime is a genuine threat and should be treated as such. In using Rubica, you guarantee the security of all your personal information and sensitive data. Don’t become a statistic and a warning for others; contact Rubica immediately and protect yourself and others from the devastating effects of cyber-criminals. When the next big security breach happens, you will be glad you did.

By Dhruval Patel

Blogger | Entrepreneur | Social Media Strategist | | Travel Freak