Whether you’re a student or an office worker, you’re bound to have tons of papers and documents left lying around your room or desk.

Looking at offices in the United States alone, the amount of paper used for documents go up by 20% each year, and 15% of it gets misplaced and sometimes lost altogether because of the lack of a proper filing system.

Luckily, there are steps you could follow to store your paper documents safely and securely.


The Files You Should Keep On Paper

Even though we are living in the digital age, some documents and papers need to stay on paper, or should at least have a paper copy readily stored when required. The following are some of the materials that you need on paper:


  • Valid identification cards and passports
  • Birth Certificate
  • Licenses for business or marriage
  • Government documents like security cards
  • Mortgage papers and house deeds
  • Living will and testaments
  • Sentimental documents like letters



How To Organize Files

There are a lot of ways you can keep your documents organized neatly. Here we have three different steps you could do to make sure your files are safe.


Use Portable Folders

Perhaps one of the best ways you can store your files and make sure that it’s always ready is by arranging it in a portable folder like an Expanding File Folder.

Keeping it in a folder ensures that your files are straightened out and can be brought anywhere or easily accessed in case of emergencies like a house fire or earthquake.

In addition to this, an expanding file folder is a very affordable alternative to boxes and can be bought almost anywhere. It comes in different styles and sizes to fit well with the documents that you want to store.

Just look for a safe space to put all your folders, be it a nightstand or a vault inside your home or office.

Use File Boxes


Whether it’s a plastic box or a drawer, you can definitely use file boxes to store your materials.

Organize your papers according to a system that is easier for you to remember. Organize your files alphabetically, by date, or in chronological order so you can easily handle the box and find the documents you have placed inside.

When using a file box, it’s also ideal for putting labels on your documents with a sticky note or by putting the papers in separate folders, so it’s easier to distinguish from the rest.


Use Trays


Ideal for work desks or study tables, trays are widely used to keep documents on hand.

You can either choose to buy multiple trays for different types of files or get one plate where you can arrange all the data that you need.

Trays, or what sometimes called “Inboxes,” are ideal to use for documents that you will often use.

Depending on your needs, you can choose one that suits your style. The important thing is that your files are secured and organized in one place to prevent the stress and loss of any crucial documents.





By Sara Wales

Passionate Writer | Blogger | Travel Freak