Mini Militia Game Play and Review



Mini militia is one of the best multiplayer game you can play with friends during a boring lecture class or a get together. Maximum up to 12 players can be played in offline by using local Wi-Fi. Friends from different place can also connect to a common server and play the game in online to their heart contempt. During online play we need to have ESP points to buy pro pack like jet packs, bombs,dual wield ability for hand guns, and other rocket launcher, sniper rifle, laser, saw gun and lots more. Mini militia game has lots of maps to satisfy different user needs. And each map has a specialized gun of its own like in catacombs map the pro-gun is saw gun.Because we can get saw gun in this map up to 6 times it also has time settings we can change the time based on needs. Nitro packs and health packs are also available.

Lots of new updates too available like life indicator. When a person’s life is below than half it will indicate so we can target a person with low life to gain points. For a newbie offline Training and Survival modes are available to improve their skills.


The use control is simply awesome I had played this game for a quite long time but sill am not bored with the game. The user interface is great. Left control is for movement and right control is for aim and fire. On the top left zoom in and zoom out control followed by life and nitro indicator. Just to the top of the right control we can change the gun and bombs.

A player can hold up to 3 guns and maximum of dual gun at a time and all guns have different zoom in rate. While playing in local WIFI you don’t require a pro pack for using advanced guns.
It also has boot ban option which helps very much when playing in online sometimes other players get connected to our custom group. At that time this option helps a lot.


Lots of mod apk available to specific hack such as for unlimited bullets. There is aapk available click here. Similarly lots of mod apk are available for different hacks such as unlimited smoke bomb, extra zoom and lots more.

Game play:

The game play is pretty simple. Kill whoever comes in your way except when you are in teams. During multiplayer battle we can play in teams by guarding Each other backs. It has a custom server to host the online games. So two teams can war against other in online.


The main reason for the games success is the challenges between friends. The background score is simply awesome and the UI is designed like multiuser interface. This also has one major advantage over other games. Here in this game both android and apple user can play together. Whereas apple user has a cutting edge in the game and in iPhone more number of layers can connect and has additional settings.

You can download it from here.

By Paula

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