Three Best Things About Puerto Vallarta Villas

Sun-soaked Puerto Vallarta is a world-famous Mexican vacation destination. Travelers flock here to enjoy sandy beaches and a tropical climate by day and lively nightlife after dusk. Puerto Vallarta’s charm goes beyond these, as the many visitors who’ve roamed its cobble-stoned streets and strolled El Malecón, the city’s 12-block oceanfront esplanade can attest. There are plenty of hotel and resort options, many of them all-inclusive, but a villa rental has several advantages over other types of lodgings. The first one to spring to mind is spaciousness, affording the opportunity for everyone in the travel group to have their own room and maybe even their own bathroom. Puerto Vallarta villa rentals have other great benefits.

A villa in Puerto Vallarta will almost certainly have a great view

Puerto Vallarta is located in the northeastern corner of the state of Jalisco and borders the state of Nayarit. The city’s location, nestled against the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains and overlooking Banderas Bay, means that many a vacation rental is either perched on a hilltop or situated right on the beach. The majority of our villas offer spectacular panoramic views. There are stately homes overlooking the hills, the bay, and the city’s red-tiled roofs. Expansive windows, balconies, and terraces from which to watch the sunset are common villa features. Another choice is a seaside villa with its own private beach. Here, the vistas of the Pacific available from the house or the private infinity pool are completely unobstructed. At a hotel, the choice is often between a beach or a garden vista, but there’s no guarantee there’ll be a good view of either.

A villa stay will let you eat like the locals

One of the biggest advantages those who rent a villa have is access to a full kitchen, to make use of it as they will. It’s a versatile amenity. There’s the option of hiring a housekeeper or personal chef. This is especially helpful when members of the travel group have special dietary requirements as is the case with, for example, diabetics or those with food allergies. Not only will a chef be able to cater to individualized needs, but because this person will be a local, you’ll likely be treated to regional specialties, not the touristy food often found in resorts.

If anyone wants to cook, shopping for the ingredients can mean a trip to a neighborhood supermarket or better yet, to an open-air market with stalls filled with fresh local produce and handmade tortillas. Even if no one wants to prepare actual meals, having a kitchen with a refrigerator can still come in handy when the urge to nosh hits. Once snacks have been stocked, everyone is free to serve him or herself, even the little ones. Handmade ice cream is one good option to have on hand.

From gourmet restaurants to abundant street-vendor fare and everything in between, Puerto Vallarta has an exceptionally varied dining scene. A concierge is often included among the staff at our villas. This individual can prove invaluable for arranging reservations at top restaurants, but she or he will also be able to give recommendations for every type of eatery style, from street taco stalls to casual mom-and-pop “fonda” restaurants to spots specializing in grilling just-caught seafood.

A villa will provide better opportunities to experience local culture

Traveling gives you a chance to interact with the local people and experience another culture. This is much harder to do when staying at a resort, especially an all-inclusive one where guests often don’t set foot off the property once they check-in. You can certainly mingle with Puerto Vallartans as you walk among open-air stalls or along the beach, but speaking with the service staff on a regular daily basis as they give a tour of the home or prepare meals gives you an opportunity for more meaningful interactions.

The villa itself can provide a taste of the region’s traditional architecture. Many Puerto Vallarta villa rentals feature details found in countless Mexican homes including brightly-colored walls, tiled kitchens, inner patios and courtyards, stained-glass windows, and high ceilings designed to keep homes cool.

Ultimately, a vacation should be the type of experience that best suits each individual group of travelers. Villa rentals offer the flexibility to make a stay in Puerto Vallarta relaxed and private or more immersive, where renters get a bigger opportunity to soak up the local vibe.

By Sara Wales

Passionate Writer | Blogger | Travel Freak