A  Complete Guideline to Start a Travel Blog

Do you ever dream about traveling around the world for a living? Although for some people to turn their dream into reality is difficult but not impossible. Several people can do so those do not flight attendants, pilots, or businessmen. These people are known as travel bloggers they get paid to travel around the world and share their experiences and write about their passion in life.

Travel blogging is not an easy task it requires your stories and experiences to write. Unlike other blogs, travel blogging is a highly crowded field, and it gets more traffic day by day. Everyone wants to avail the chance of getting paid to travel the world. After all, you will visit the beautiful places of the world on someone else’s dime.

Before you think you cannot make your dream true let me tell you some tactics about how to start a travel blog.

1.    Choose an Attractive Name

Yes, the name of your blog matters. Sometimes blogger thinks it’s an easy task to pick the right name for a blog to attract an audience, but in actual it is the hardest but the most important step when a blogger thinks about how to start a travel blog.

I would recommend you choose a memorable and short name. Your blog name will help people to find you. If you choose a name which is hard to remember or long, people will forget it, and you will not get enough traffic and shares. If you want a unique name, then avoid the following words:

  • Vagabond
  • Adventurous
  • Voyage
  • Wanderer
  • Traveling/travel
  • Backpacker
  • Traveler
  • Global

2.    Describe Your Purpose

People start to travel blogging for various reasons. Some want to keep their family and friends up to date on their trips. Other people want a platform to showcase their best photography, and the rest of the people strives for fortune and fame. Design your blog according to the needs of your purpose.

No doubt, the purpose of blogging may change over time. After some years, you realized that you’ve enough material and experience to help other travelers. It seems attractive and profitable if you think you might have it in you to take your blog to the next level.

3.    Write For Audience

Initially, almost all blogger start it for friends and family, but after some time they want to reach the border audience. To achieve this goal as a blogger, you need to write for the readers, not about yourself. If you’re looking to get high traffic for your site, then consider the audience and write accordingly.

4.    Decide Niche

In the past few years, it was easy to manage general traveling website you could cover plenty of travel topics and face little competition. But these days a wide range of blogs and travel sites are making things informative and enjoyable. They get hundreds of emails and messages related to their blogs or website and help travelers. To stand with your competitors, define your niche and let the readers explore what they are looking for. Moreover, readers will always prefer your site to get the related information. By specifying your niche, you may also get more readers as compared to a general travel blog. Don’t try to be everything for everyone; it may cause trouble for the website.

Creating a travel blog is a time-consuming process. By just writing about your trips and experiences, one cannot run a successful blog. It requires a focus on content and sticks to best practices if you want to stand out with your competitors

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By Sara Wales

Passionate Writer | Blogger | Travel Freak