5 Cool Ways to Travel on a Spontaneous Road Trip

Taking a spontaneous road trip can bring an immediate sense of freedom, but not if you’re tied down by money. Here are the best ways to travel on your road trip.

The opportunity to do some traveling seems to close as you age. Responsibilities start getting in the way, friends are too busy, or you can’t afford it. You put it off for a later year but in your head, you know it won’t happen.

You’ve got to change that — it’s time to get spontaneous like your early 20’s!

There are plenty of short trips that won’t disrupt your schedule. There are tons of cheap ways to travel that won’t break your budget. Realize this and it’ll show you still have that freedom from the endless grind.

Load Up, We’re Going on an Adventure

Remember those days of hopping in the car and head out with nothing more than the money in your pocket? You can still do that! Of course, a bit of planning does let you go the extra mile — here are some tips for a great budget road trip.

  1. Get It All Planned Out

You’ve got everything needed for a great, spontaneous road trip in the palm of your hand. Just load up a road planner tool and fill in the details.

Once you know how to get from A to B — you can pick:

  • Where you’re stopping for lodging
  • What places you’ll stop to see and experience
  • What foods are a must-have along the way

Give yourself an extra day or two as a “buffer”. The buffer day helps if you have travel issues. Else, if not, you get an extra day of exploration!

  1. Give Yourself Time to Budget and Save

Figure out how you’ll fund the trip:

  • Weekly or monthly savings from your paycheck
  • Getting one of the best online payday loans
  • Going half-and-half with savings and credit cards

Find what fits your budget and start saving well in advance. Figure you’ll spend close to $50 to $100 a day. Divide it out by the days before heading out and you’ve got a micro-savings goal.

  1. Be Flexible

Be ready to change up your lifestyle when on the road. This includes what you eat and where you’ll stay. Making compromises in these gives more money for activities (the real memory makers).

  • Do your own cooking vs eating out every time
  • Stay at lodges and cheap hotels vs suites and condos

Make the events the priority and your budget tend to adapt.

  1. Take It Slow

Hasty travel creates many problems:

  • Overspending
  • Irritability with travel partners
  • Missed schedules and connections

You’ll spend more for the convenience when you’re in a rush. Or, when you cram the itinerary with everything you see listed on Tripadvisor. Instead, take it a slow and do one or two big things vs a crammed schedule.

  1. Go with Someone Awesome

The trip will turn into a drag if your travel partner isn’t on the same level. Go with someone you know well but are also the adventurous type.

Line up on:

  • Types of things you both would like doing
  • Spending habits and travel/lifestyle flexibility

Lined up means you won’t overextend your budget. And, get to do spontaneous experiences without dragging them kicking and screaming.

Find Freedom via Cheap Ways to Travel

You don’t need to plan a trip based on PTO, vacation days, and perfect timing. Get spontaneous like when you were younger. Embrace the cheap ways to travel so you can get out and about vs living through social media.

Define the lifestyle you want, today.

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