How to Dye your Hair
How to Dye your Hair


Do you wanna know how to color hair professionally at home ? then you are at perfect place, And You know  To visit a good salon you will need to get an appointment and take out extra time to spend your weekend’s at hair salon or at a hair spa. So, to avoid such hassle you can easily dye your hair at home with some of the simple tricks. You just need to trust yourself and execute your hair dye day on any of your holidays that are approaching.  And you can dye your hair just like a professional.

How to Dye your Hair
How to Dye your Hair

How to dye your hair at Hom

Using following 7 steps  you can  naturally  dye your hair at home , you need to just understand your hair nature to get the best treatment of your at home .

1.) Understand the Basics to Dye your Hair

The first thing that is required to know in order to dye your hair is the basics. You are supposed to know how to use a dye brush, how to fold your hair in upward directions, etc. The best trick to dye your hair is to choose the right product and try it first on some amount of hair. It will help you to know the type of shade that will appear on your hair.

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2.) Try to Choose the Perfect Shade of Color to Dye your Hair

You need to know your own hair color to choose the right shade of color. After that try to look out between two shades of color that is in between your own hair color. Match it properly to with your own hair shade. But remember not to match your hair shade with the cover pack of the hair dye product. It sometimes does not go with it. If you want to hide your white hair in between your newly dyed hair, then try to go for permanent hair dye. Else the temporary ones will show its glossy texture for a while.

3.) Washing is Necessary before you Dye Your Hair

The most important hack to remember is to wash your wash. Before applying any type of hair dye or color you will need to wash your hair at least 24 to 48 hours prior to your hair dye. This is because the natural oil of your hair will develop after 12 hour of wash which will let the shade of color blend easily in your hair. Try to avoid conditioning your hair. Because the conditioner tries to removes the natural oil content from your hair.

4.) Protection from Stains when you Dye your hair

The next important trick to remember is to know how to protect yourself from stains. The stains from hair color or dye is permanent if accidentally falls on your clothes or household stuffs. You cannot get over it with as many times of washes you might be thinking of. So, take some newspapers, paper towels and keep it aside before applying your dye. Now the next part is to wear an old unused tee or a shirt. Spread the newspapers on the floor. And try to clean away all the extra spills with the help of the paper towels.

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5.) Cover yourself when you Dye your Hair

It is next important step that you will need to follow. Even after wearing an old tee or shirt try to cover yourself with an unused towel or color tape. The color tape is easily available in the market. In this way you will protect yourself from any kind of extra spills of the hair color/dye.

6.) Make it Tangle Free to Dye your Hair

Always try to brush/comb your hair. It will keep your hair tangle free. And the appliance of the hair dye will become an easy task for you. And when you make partitions on of your hair, it will easily be parted and can be tied in half hair do. As there is a requirement of step by step partition of your hair to apply hair dye through the already divided portions. And if you are only going for the highlights, then picking up the single steaks of hair would be easy if its tangle free.

7.) Wear gloves while Applying Dye to your Hair

The gloves are always helpful be it dying your hair or to clean anything. Therefore, wear rubber gloves before holding the brush. You can also opt for latex or vinyl gloves. And then mix your hair dye in the mixing bowl. After which, apply the mixture on your hair part by part. Try to start with the front hair moving from upwards to lower direction. Also make sure to start above the scalp leaving the roots of the hair. Then move to back portion of your hair. In this way the chemicals present in your hair will not damage your roots.

8.) Try to Avoid Patches when you Dye Your Hair

You need to be careful when you are dying your hair. Try to take the strands of hair part by part and stick it together one by one to make a kind of bun. And, the most important fact to notice when you are dying your hair is to avoid the patches. It means if you have already damaged hair in between your normal hair, it tends to catch or absorb more color in it. So, to avoid that by washing your hair with shampoo your hair within 1 alternate day after you applied color. This will let the dark patches of color to fade gradually.

9.) Try to Cover the Mistakes When you Dye your Hair

And now it’s time to cover up your mistakes. You have noticed that your damaged hair have taken absorbed too much of color. Now you need to balance that uneven color. So, if you do not wish shampoo your hair to fade away that color as mentioned in point 8, then you can try something different. Try to take 1 tablespoon of shampoo and 1 and ½ teaspoon of bleach from your highlighting kit and mix it well. Now apply that paste with the help of a comb and comb your hair. But make sure to comb it with the paste only in wet hair. Once you notice the change in color of the paste on your hair, wash it with normal water.

10.) How to Manage your Spoiled Hair when Dyed

Some you might be thinking how to maintain healthy, smooth and silky hair after the hair dye. Well, there is nothing to worry about it. If your hair is already kind of rough and on top of that you have applied the dye, it might turn little rough. All you need to do is some hair tricks. The best tip is try applying coconut oil for 2 to 3 hours before your every wash. And on one a week take hair steam that smoothen your hair naturally.


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