Top 100 hairstyles idea for the cute look: can’t figure how to style your hairs ? when your going  attending parties or marriages or some other functions  for next day or next week; you came to right place check this out Top 100 hairstyles ideas for your cute hairstyles

HairStyles ideas for following :

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HairStyles ideas

1. Change the placement of your ponytail for an instant facelift. Trace an imaginary diagonal line from your cheekbones to the crown of your head. That’s where your elastic goes.

2. Or, for a chic, casual look, make a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.

3. Want va-va-voom volume? If you wear your hair parted to one side every day, switch sides.

4. Wearing your hair in a bun or top knot today? Prep your locks with leave-in conditioner before you style for an all-day hair mask that controls flyaways, too.

5. Curl your hair before starting an updo. Starting with straight hair can leave you with flyaways and static, says hairstylist Brian Magallones.

6. Got 10 seconds? Take a section of hair from one side of your head, twist it, and pin it back. Cute!

Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain
Photo: Getty Images

7. Ponytails aren’t just for yoga class. To make yours party-ready, tease hair at the crown before pulling it back and wrap a piece of hair around the base to hide the elastic.

8. Turn a boring bun into a chic chignon. Braid your ponytail before twisting it into a knot at the nape of your neck for an instant upgrade.

9. Need to preserve your blowout while you hit the gym? Try this gym hairstyle: Instead of pulling hair back with an elastic, use a large U-shaped hair pin to secure your locks into a bun, says Oribe Educator Ashley Brecken of Salon Marc Harris in Boston. When you’re done you’ll have soft waves with no dent.

10. Reinvent your ponytail: Instead of securing hair with an elastic, pull back small sections one at a time, overlapping them until all of your hair is off your face.

11. Go deep. Part your hair two inches above the ear for a glamorous, on-trend effect.

12.  For an updo that lasts, prep your wet hair with mousse before blow drying. Use more product than you think you’ll need — professional hair stylists use handfuls.

Short Hair Ideas

13. Apply hair gel to damp hair, create a side part and slick it all back. Instant glamour!

Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha
Photo: Getty Images

14. Or go the opposite route: Rub a bit of pomade or wax between your hands and use your fingers to give hair a spiky lift.

Michelle Williams

We love Michelle Williams’ piece-y texture.

15. Who says you can’t switch up short hair? Use a curling iron to wave longer pieces and create fun texture.

16. Have your stylist trim your hair with a razor for a naturally tousled look.

17. Need to dress up your ‘do? Add a sparkly accessory such as a headband or a crystal-studded clip.

18. Short hair can be flattering on round face shapes. Choose a cut that’s tighter at the bottom with more volume at the top to vertically stretch the face.

19. Updos can be a challenge on chin-length hair, but a French braid makes incorporating shorter sections easier. Add a braid along one side of your head and pin loose pieces in the back for a cool style that stays put.

20. Growing out a pixie cut? Keep trimming the back and sides, but let the top section grow long enough to sweep to one side. This will help you avoid a mullett!

21. Comb your hair straight forward. Instant bangs!

22. Use a tiny round brush to create wavy texture while blow drying short hair.

Medium Length Hair Ideas

23. Choose a bob or “lob” (long bob) that’s shorter in the back and longer in the front for a face-slimming effect.

24. If your ponytail won’t lay flat when you pull your hair back with an elastic, use hairpins to secure small sections instead.

25. Flip out the ends of your hair for ’60s-inspired flair.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone
Photo: Getty Images

26. Style your hair super straight and add a clip-in hair extension on one side to create an asymmetrical bob.

27. If your hair isn’t long enough for a Heidi braid, part it down the middle and make a braid on each side. Pin hair into a chignon where the two braids meet in the back.

28. Style damp hair with gel for an edgy, runway-ready “wet” look.

29. Wear collarbone skimming hair tucked into your jacket. You’re a street style star!

30. Blow out hair so it’s super sleek. Medium length hair is certifiably the swooshiest.

Ideas For Long Hair

31. To downplay a long face, add layers that frame your features and break up the length of your haircut.

32. With long hair, ends can get dried out fast. After styling, smooth a few drops of oil onto your ends to keep them hydrated.

33. Long hair needs frequent deep conditioning treatments. Once a week, sub your conditioner for a two-minute hair mask in the shower.

34. Make a hair “flower”: Pull back the top section into two braids and twist hair into a chignon where they meet.

Rodarte Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Rodarte Fall/Winter 2013-2014
Photo: Courtesy of John Frieda

35. Want long locks ASAP? Pop a hair vitamin with marine fatty acids, which help prevent breakage and stimulate growth at the scalp.

36. Just because your hair is long (or growing out) doesn’t mean you should skip trims. Ask your stylist for “dusting” to cut off split ends every 6-8 weeks.

37. Long hair weighing you down? Apply a root lift spray before you blow dry to add volume.

38. Give your blowout some bounce by coiling the ends around a round hairbrush. Let the brush sit in the hair while it cools to set the wave.

39. To add fullness, ask your stylist to blunt cut the ends of your hair.

40. Go short for the day. Pin the ends of your hair under to create a faux bob.

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester sports a faux bob.
Photo: via Pinterest

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Ideas for Curly Hair

41. Want to make a statement? The bigger the better. Prep wet, naturally curly hair with mousse for weightless hold and blow dry upside down with a diffuser attachment to give your curls lift.

42. Revive second day curls by spritzing with blow dry prep spray or hair tonic. The water in the spray will reactivate yesterday’s product, and the moisturizing ingredients downplay frizz.

43. Sleep on a satin pillowcase to keep curls intact overnight. The slippery material won’t rough up hair like cotton fibers do.

Curly hair

Photo: via Pinterest

44. If your curls are on the fine side, brush them gently with a natural bristle brush (don’t tug!) to create more volume. (Don’t brush tight curls; you’ll only get a poufy mess.)

45. Try curly “bangs.” Ask your stylist to trim a few ringlets above your brows to frame your face.

46. Want your hair off your face? Pull back the top section of hair, leaving the rest down. Half-up hairstyles work better on curls because the hair is fuller, creating a more flattering shape.

47. Do the twist and pin. Twist 1-inch thick sections of hair and pin at the nape of your neck for an easy updo.

48. Not a fan of your natural curl pattern? Perms work for curly hair, too, and can give you perfect spirals.

Ideas for Bangs

49. Considering bangs? Try a clip-in fringe before you commit. Choose a piece made from real human hair for the most natural look.

50. Hide your bangs with a French braid.

51. Need a trim? Part hair to the side and pin bangs out of your face.

52. Or split them down the middle and pin each half, letting the long pieces of your hair fall over.


HairStyles ideas for following


 Medium Length Hair  Long Hair | Curly Hair ,

 Bangs hairs | DIY Hair Ideas Hair Color



Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel
Photo: Getty Images

53. Make a statement with strong, blunt bangs. Have your stylist trim the outside pieces shorter to give fringe a straight across look.

54. Or go wispy! Wispy bangs can make your face look younger and softer. Hold scissors vertically to thin out the shape.

55. Dealing with poufy bangs? After drying your hair, put on a beanie hat for 30 minutes to set them close to the head.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington
Photo: Getty Images

56. Tease your bangs and brush them straight back to create a mini pompadour.

57. Try super short micro-bangs. They’re often more flattering than they look!

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Ideas for Braids

58. Don’t feel like washing your hair? Try a waterfall braid, which works better on dirty hair anyway.

59. Wear a braid as your accessory. Create a peek-a-boo headband braid.

60. Rub a couple drops of hair oil between your palms before braiding to make the whole process smoother and add subtle sheen to hair.

61. Weave a ribbon into your braid. Black looks chic, bright colors pop.

62. To hold a side swept style in place, braid the section of hair that drapes over the neck.

Ideas for Hair Accessories

63. Accessorize your hair with a single, perfectly-placed bobby pin. Sophisticated!

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt
(Photo: Getty Images)

64. Or stack a few bobby pins in different colors. Cute!

65. Want to wear your hair down, but need it off your face? Comb all of your hair back away from your hairline and add a skinny headband.

66. A headscarf hides a multitude of hair disasters. Roll a silk scarf into a skinny strip and tie it around your head with the bow in the front for a retro look.

67. Accessorize your hairstyle with fresh flowers. Tuck a lily behind your ear, or weave tiny wildflowers into your braid.

68. Secure your bun with a sleek lacquered chopsticks.

69. Instead of wearing a stretchy headband the traditional way, place it over your hair and across your forehead for a boho look.

Ideas for Texture

70. Wash your hair before bed and braid it while it’s still damp. Undo the braids in the morning for instant mermaid waves.

71. The quick version: braid sections of your hair, then heat the braids with a flat iron to set the wave pattern.

72. Create S-waves: Instead of holding your curling iron vertically, hold it in a horizontal position as you wrap sections of hair around.

73. Try rag curls: Wrap a 1-inch section of hair around your finger to create a coil, then secure it by tying with a small strip of fabric (you can use a cut up old T-shirt). Way more comfy to sleep in than curlers!

74. Work a second-day wave: Mist hair with sea salt spray to add beachy texture.

75. Sub your curling iron for hot rollers. Let your style set while you apply your makeup.

76. Finish a blowout by using a round metal brush to create a soft bend at the ends.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara
Photo: Getty Images

77. Try retro ‘20s finger waves. Prep hair with lots of gel and use your fingers to manipulate hair into an S-shaped pattern, pinning each wave with a clip. Let set until dry.

78. Sleek, stick-straight hair is a major trend right now. Hold a fine tooth comb right above your flat iron to guide hair between the plates and create a super smooth finish with no dents.

79. Alternate directions with your curling iron to make beachy waves that aren’t too perfect.

80. Or curl hair all in the same direction, then brush out for a polished look worthy of the red carpet. Mist with shine spray to finish.

81. No heat waves: Twist damp hair into eight tiny buns, and let dry.

DIY Hair Ideas

82. Make your own sea salt spray: Fill a spray bottle with 1 cup water and 1 teaspoon sea salt, plus half a teaspoon of coconut or argan oil. Add a drop of essential oil (such as lavender) for a fresh scent.

83. Lemon juice really does lighten sun-kissed hair, but only blondes should try it (brunettes will end up orange!). Dilute lemon juice with an equal amount of water and add a few drops of argan oil for moisture, then spritz on at the beach.

84. Give hair a temporary red tint with this trick from colorist Kyle White. Pour 1/2 cup all-natural cranberry juice on dry hair, clip hair on top of your head, and hit it with a low-heat blow dryer until hair is dry. Rinse out the juice and enjoy your color boost!

85. Another recipe from White: Make a pumpkin hair mask with 2 cups pumpkin and 1 tablespoon each of coconut oil, honey and plain yogurt. Apply for 15 minutes.

86. Brewed coffee can give brown hair a boost. Pour cooled coffee over your hair and let sit for a few minutes before rinsing.

87. Repurpose a black satin gift ribbon as a chic headband…

88. or accessorize an updo with a necklace from your jewelry box. Just weave the chain into a braid and pin into a sparkling chignon.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence
Photo: Getty Images

89. In a pinch, use a dryer sheet to smooth flyaways.

90. Hand lotion works, too.

91. Wear a strip of black lace as an elegant headband.

Ideas for Color

92. Want to try a crazy color (like pink) or ombré without making a commitment? Have you colorist custom tint clip-in hair extensions…

93. or try a colored hair mascara or chalk. Instant makeover!

94. Try a rosy new shade. “Rose gold is the new strawberry blonde. It’s great to add dimension to lighted blondes or those with gold based colors but adding a subtle red tone,” says colorist Joel Warren, co-owner of Warren-Tricomi and L’Oréal Professionnel Haircolor Ambassador.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry
Photo: Getty Images

95. Make over your highlights: Try balayage, a technique where a colorist hand paints hair to mimic a sun-kissed effect. The results are more natural than foils.

96. Ask your colorist to place the brightest highlights in the front of your hair to frame your face.

97. Save money on salon visits by at home. The new root touch-up color kits and pens make covering regrowth super easy.

98. Add shine and dimension to dark hair with a clear or color-depositing gloss. Some formulas double as moisturizing treatments, too.

99. Go red! Strawberry blonde and copper red best suit people with freckles, fair skin and light eyes. Those with darker eyes and deeper complexions look gorgeous in true reds and violet tones, says colorist Rick Wellman of the Patrick Melville Pipino Salon in NYC.

100. To take your color darker without it looking flat, add in lowlights instead of all-over single process color.

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